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  • I've come down to george st

  • on a busy thursday night

  • To ask white girls if they would date a Chinese man

  • let's find out

  • would you date a Chinese man yeah I

  • like any other

  • traits that you like about Chinese does I'm

  • if used like coming up

  • like through the pain and the official but it is

  • that is what happened would

  • No that's not vain at all

  • because I think and I don't use based on race

  • or colour

  • maybe yeah you never know you can I don't think you can say no

  • until you have tried it or seen it

  • Seen what?

  • I dont think it matters where someone is from does it

  • No not at all. Do you think they are handsome

  • I am sure some of them are

  • I am sure there is some hot Chinese guys

  • If there was tattoos involved i would definitely be interested

  • If your Chinese. Get some tattoos

  • I think i would. We were in Singapore last week and there were some good looking Asian guys

  • A lot of my friends were really attracted to them

  • Yeah i would

  • What were you attracted to?

  • Their eyes and skin tone

  • Different from the usual American looking person

  • Their eye, sense of humor

  • And hard working are the three qualities

  • Awesome

  • If a Chinese person encompasses that. Then i am all in

  • Would you date a guy from China? Yes definitely

  • Why not. Of course

  • Why not they are sexy.

  • What would you do to a handsome Chinese guy who came to Sydney?

  • Anything they wanted. If they were polite enough

  • Really? Really

  • What do you think of Chinese guys?

  • I'd fuck one haha

  • Has a Chinese guy ever asked you out on a date?

  • No, but i has a Malaysian guy

  • So if they tried a bit harder they would have more success?

  • Yeah if they were more forward and confident maybe

  • Would they have more success if they tried more?

  • If they have a nice personality and are friendly then sure

  • What is a hot chinese guy to you?

  • Maybe abs. And he's got to be kinda tanned

  • I know Chinese people don't really tan

  • So they should be approaching more caucasian women you think?

  • Yeah

  • I heard great things about Chinese guys. Never been with one but i would love to

  • They're really cute

  • Has a Chinese guy ever asked you out?

  • Honestly no but i wish they would

  • Not yet not yet

  • What do you find attractive about Chinese guys?

  • Not if they are skinny. But i like muscles

  • Has a Chinese guy ever us you out on a date?

  • No but they have asked me to do other things

  • I'm not going to ask what haha

  • Why do you think Asian guys haven't asked you out on a date?

  • I don't know

  • So, if some Chinese guys came to Sydney. What would you do to them?

  • Anything they wanted

  • I think part of the problem is. No Chinese men ask out caucasian women

  • That's why you don't see it very often

  • They are just not really in the game

  • Unless you are asking a caucasian girl out. How can you expect to date one

  • Chinese guys, get out there and get yourself a caucasian woman!

  • the

I've come down to george st


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アジア人男性は白人女性とデートできる/アジア人男性は白人女性とデートできる? (Can asian men date white women / 亞裔男是否能釣到白人女?)

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