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  • Thousands of infants in Brazil are being diagnosed with a devastating birth defect

  • and medical researchers believe it might be linked to a mosquito borne virus.

  • So, what is this mysterious virus and how do we stop it?

  • Zika, a strange mosquito borne virus, is sweeping through many Central and South American countries.

  • Current estimates place the number of Zika cases at over a million in Brazil alone.

  • And in response to the outbreak the CDC has implemented two new travel bans, to an already large list,

  • for pregnant women, one on the United States Virgin Islands

  • and the other on the Dominican Republic.

  • The ban is for pregnant women specifically because since the epidemic started,

  • the incidences of microcephaly, a devastating birth defect, have skyrocketed.

  • Microcephaly is a condition where a baby is born with a small head. Because the head is so small in those born with the condition,

  • the brain is small too, meaning it’s underdeveloped. Which can cause a whole

  • range of other health issues like cognitive deficits, seizures, feeding problems, vision problems and hearing loss.

  • Unfortunately there’s no cure for the condition,

  • only treatments for its effects.

  • Microcephaly is typically seen in rates of about 2 in 10,000 births according to a study

  • published in the journal Birth Defects Research (Part A). But nearly 4,000 cases have been

  • reported in Brazil since October, that’s nearly 26 times the normal rate. And researchers

  • strongly suspect that the birth defect is linked to the Zika virus.

  • Now this epidemic seemed to have come out of nowhere. The mosquito that carries the virus,

  • was pretty much eradicated in Brazil in the 1950s.

  • But as the decades wore on, it made its way back.

  • Then last year reports of Zika in Brazil started popping up.

  • It wasn’t taken too seriously, since its symptoms in adult are mild, just things like a fever or a rash.

  • It wasn’t until the rate of Microcephaly shot up that the world started to take notice.

  • Now the battle against Zika is underway, and one that Brazil is badly losing, according to the health minister.

  • And it is literally a battle, 220,000 members of the armed forces are going door to door to help in the current mosquito eradication efforts.

  • But it’s not just Brazil, Zika has been reported in 24 regions around the world

  • mostly in tropical areas.

  • Each country is issuing warnings, some seem extreme.

  • For instance, the government of El Salvador told women to avoid pregnancy for two years!

  • As for the zika virus itself, there’s no treatment, vaccine, or cure.

  • The CDC says the best way to avoid the virus, is to avoid mosquito bites.

  • Now, experts say that a US outbreak is unlikely to occur.

  • They believe that most cases will happen to those who travel to Brazil and other affected countries. But this summer tons of

  • But this summer tons of people will descend on Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games.

  • Which some experts are calling “a perfect dissemination vehicle for Zika.”

  • If people travel to Brazil, get zika from a mosquito bite,

  • then return home and get bitten there, the zika virus could transfer to the local mosquito population.

  • Which would mean that there is the potential for localized outbreaks in other parts of the world.

  • Zika is just one of the many viruses and diseases that mosquitos carry.

  • To find out why they are such good carriers of disease, check out this video right here.

  • Most mosquitos actually fight malaria with their immune responses to parasites.

  • After mosquitos sucks up its bloody meal, a peritrophic matrix or barrier forms inbetween the bugs lining of their midgate and their blood.

  • So what are you make of this recent outbreak? What precautions would you take to avoid mosquito bites.

  • Tell us down in the comments below, don’t forget to hit those Like and Subscribe buttons.

  • And keep coming back to DNews so you won’t miss a single episode.

Thousands of infants in Brazil are being diagnosed with a devastating birth defect


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