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  • When you gotta go, you gotta go, and by "go", I mean relieve yourself, you know, of urine.

    その時が来たら、そこは行かなきゃ。ここで言う「行かなきゃ」は、自分を解放することだ。 つまり...おしっこするということだ。

  • But sometimesand weve all done thisyoull hold your pee to finish one more email, or so you don’t miss the end of a movie, or just because youre too lazy to walk to the bathroom from the couch.

    でも時々、まあ私たちみんなやったことあると思うけど、メールをもう一通片付けるために、映画を最後まで見るためにトイレを我慢する。 また、ただ単にソファからトイレに行くのが面倒くさいだけなのかもしれません。

  • Youve probably heard people say that that’s bad for you. And it is!


  • But only if you do it frequently and for a really long time, and it almost always isn’t life-threatening.


  • If youre an adult, your bladder can hold up to about half a liter, or two full cups of pee, before youll feel the need to... let it go, as Elsa might say.

    大人だったら、成人の膀胱は500c.c.または2カップぐらいはもちます。その量に達するまではエルサが言う「let it go」とは感じないと思います。

  • Your bladder wall is lined with receptors that can measure how full your bladder is, and when it’s reached capacity, these receptors send your brain a signal that it’s time to hit the can.


  • Most adults have control over their bathroom urges, meaning you can choose to pee right away after receiving these signals, or to hold it for a bit if youre not near facilities.

    ほとんどの大人はこの警告をコントロールできます。シグナルを受け取ったらすぐにトイレに行くことも また、近くにトイレがないので少し我慢することもできます。

  • If you do decide to hold it, the cylindrical sphincters in your bladder close up tightly to keep all of the urine from leaking through your urethra.


  • But if you hold it in for long periods of time a lot, like if youre a trucker who’s on the road for hours on end, for years, then you might find yourself facing some not-so-fun long-term effects, like urinary retention and increased risk of infection.

    でも、よく長時間我慢すると、例えば、トラックの運転手で、何年も長時間運転をしていました。 すると、長期にわたる影響が出てることに気づくでしょう。 残尿感とか、感染症になるリスクが高くなるかもしれません。

  • Urinary retention is the inability to empty your bladder completely.


  • Constantly holding in your pee can weaken your bladder muscles, which can be the cause of urinary retention as you age.


  • Your bladder can also become a breeding ground for bacteria if it’s constantly holding large amounts of urine, which slightly increases your chances of getting a bladder or urinary tract infection.


  • Which sounds bad enough, but what if you held it in for longer?


  • Think about Tycho Brahe, the 16th-century astronomer who supposedly died from a bladder that burst after he held his pee for too long.

    16世紀の天文学者Tycho Braheを見てみましょう。彼はトイレの我慢のしすぎで膀胱破裂によって亡くなったと言われています。

  • Well, long before you get anywhere near your bladder bursting, odds are your body will ignore your brain's attempts to hold in the pee, and youll just wet yourself; however, in certain very rare, very extreme cases, bladders do burst.

    おかしいことに、あなたの膀胱が破裂する前に、あなたの体は、トイレを我慢するという脳の指示を無視します。 すると、お漏らしが起こります。 しかしながら、限りなくレアな状況にだけ、膀胱は破裂します。

  • When this happens, it’s almost always in people who already had a damaged bladder, like from a pelvic injury, though there are a few reports of bladders bursting in people who seemed perfectly fine before.


  • In those cases, it’s generally because the person was drinking a lot, and the alcohol dampened the signal to their brains that was telling them they needed to pee, like right now.


  • But again, it’s incredibly rare.


  • So, if you do hold your pee in a few hours longer than you should, probably nothing super terrible will happenunless you consider wetting yourself in public super terrible.

    なので、もしいつもの時間以上に我慢をしているのなら、おそらく恐ろしいことは起こらないでしょう。 公衆の場でお漏らしすることが恐ろしいと思うなら別ですが。

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When you gotta go, you gotta go, and by "go", I mean relieve yourself, you know, of urine.

その時が来たら、そこは行かなきゃ。ここで言う「行かなきゃ」は、自分を解放することだ。 つまり...おしっこするということだ。

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尿意を我慢するとどうなる? (What Happens When You Hold Your Pee?)

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