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So, today on JKJKBOOM I am always organized.
She is. Actually no, not always but I'm like 95% of the time organized.
Where as Kristina is...
I'm never organized! I'm organized for her.
Yea, yea...
Basically, like when we worked as Listn.me, my computer was chaos.
But I knew where things were for the most part. If I needed it, if it was relevant, I would know where it is.
Jun had to use my computer a couple of times but she had arranged everything...rearranged everything.
I cleaned it up. I cleared up 300 gigs on your computer.
Yea, so today we thought we'd talk about organization because since we're polar opposites.
Yep. I am one, who likes to use planners.
This was my planner for the year of 2015. Yes.
It's so cute isn't it? And I'm actually pretty particular with my planners.
So it's like this...
you have the month, and after it you have extra pages. I don't like weekly or daily ones because it's like, I wanna be able to see my whole entire month. So I can plan it.
And the notes for the Listn meetup.
She's really really organized.
This is my planner from last year. I lost it.
Actually, I bought two. I lost that.
I know I have a lot of things to do. And with like wrestling and like Listn and trying to have a social life and people,
I was just like... “yea, no, that sounds like a good time to meet up, sure, let's meet up then!”
And then I would...oh, wait, hold on, a day later, it'd be like, I forgot that I actually have a meeting at this time, I can't go for that.
How about this time? But I cleared my schedule for you. It's really hard to schedule things with her.
Yea. I'm an old dog. And they always say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. That is so not true.
That is not true. How much tricks—how many tricks have I learned since I was born? So many tricks. So many tricks.
How many tricks have you forgotten since you were born? So many tricks.
This year, I bought another planner.
I got this as a planner! Yay! It's really cool!
First of all, it's Star Wars! And the material...touch it touch it!
Right. It's not cheapie. I'm gonna try to be more—
it sounds weird because it's against my character I think...but I'm gonna try to be more organized for the sake of my life being less chaotic.
And your friends.
And to help out my friends deal with my shit.
So I actually got a planner yesterday. And I'm really excited about it. Yea.
And it's cute! It feels nice.
How about you guys? How do you arrange or organize your life? Are you organized?
Are you the type of person that has planners or are you the type of person who puts everything on their phone?
Oooh, see I've tried doing it on my phone...
I can't. It doesn't do anything for me. It's kind of just like...I ignore it.
I know, I ignore it or I see it and like...
I don't do anything. That's it.
Anyways, let us know what you guys do down in the comments below because we read all of the comments and respond!
Show us some love!
Anyways, like and subscribe! Byeeeee!


整理整頓してる?How Organized Are You?

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