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  • SKT T1 Faker Highlights in NLB Summer 2014 Final

  • Exhaust! Exhaust!

  • Yasuo could be...

  • Oh! Dodged! Dodged!

  • Faker!

  • What happens now?? / Faker vs Oriana!

  • Not ended yet?

  • Wow! This is...

  • Wow, it's really...

  • Faker said that "dodge skillshots"

  • So, he dodged!

  • Is that human's expression?

  • Look at that face, it's like a "it's too easy, isn't it?"

  • Disgusting!

  • Let's watch again

  • Exhaust timing is very important for both

  • That's right

  • So, here

  • Wow, so Faker catched that he could kill Oriana here

  • Exhaust is so good

  • Faker's level was lower than Oriana

  • Kuro was so good too

  • If we saw this play without Faker's ID, it's throw!

  • Whoa! / Wow!

  • He waited skillshots until last moment

  • Lee Sin quickly kicks away Nunu~

  • Yasuo hit the Ult from side!

  • Exhaust

  • Nice Shockwave! (Ori's Ult)

  • Lulu is coming! Lulu is coming!

  • Oriana is dead!

  • Yasuo is dead too!

  • Tristana! Tristana!

  • Lee Sin is slain

  • Nunu is alive by Heal

  • Run away with throwing Ice Blast

  • Nunu is... Nunu is alive!

  • Can Duke be alive?

  • Purple didn't wannt fight at this moment

  • Let's watch again

  • Bengi initiated teamfights by Flash

  • Purple could not defense Yasuo cause they already used Ults

  • Piglet's Ooze was fantastic

  • Yah, Piglet could deal in free

  • This jump was inevitable!

  • Yah, every Tristana would do it

  • PoohManDu prevented re-jump by skillshots

  • Now, Lee Sin is hard to carry a game

  • Alistar and Thresh

  • Alistar is baiting them. Pull me! Pull me!

  • Wow Yasuo!

  • and Nunu's Ult!

  • Thresh is dead!

  • Lee is slain too!

  • This is Alistar!

  • Alistar rushed with "Come on! Come on!"

  • Pull me? Pull me? Then, Alistar hits QW!

  • Najin should avoid temfight now then

  • Three enemies had full HPs

  • Continue to Nunu's Ult

  • Lee Sin's kick was helpful for Yasuo cause Yasuo dodged Oriana's Ult!

  • That's right

  • It's 2 on 1

  • But Yasuo is powerful! / What's this? What's this?

  • Wild Growth! But dead!

  • Airborne! Wow!

  • Cain! This is our home!

  • No more HPs by Wild Growth cause of dealing

  • Got Wild Growth, but blank HPs

  • Push me? Whirlwind!

  • Wow, it's very clean play

  • Lee Sin would be dead if he didn't kick Yasuo

  • Just rushed!

  • Shockwave~

  • Thresh is disappeared

  • Piglet! Piglet!

  • Continue to rush~

  • Up and down. Observer is confused to see which fights

  • Tristana run away from her home

SKT T1 Faker Highlights in NLB Summer 2014 Final


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SKT T1 フェイカー安尾がNLB決勝でハイライト (SKT T1 Faker Yasuo Highlights in NLB Final)

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