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Hey everyone it's Kim Dao here and welcome back to my channel. First of all I just want
to say Merry Christmas and I really hope that each and every one of you had a great day.
For me this year was the first Christmas being away from my friends and family and being
in a different country by myself. So at the start it was a bit sad because I was missing
everyone, but now that I've got Sunny here it's not too bad.
So I enjoyed a day going out with some friends and we just had a really great time together
and we did a lot of fun things~ Did some shopping~ And also we did a really fun Christmas swap
so I'm going to show you guys what I got but also I will have a Christmas vlog on my channel
hopefully in a few days time so make sure you look out for that.
So in today's video I have a "What I got for Christmas" video. For me I do celebrate Christmas
and I do like to spend time with friends and family. But I don't really do the whole gift
exchange thing. Because I'd rather spend time with friends and family and that is more important
to me than getting gifts. But since I'm in Japan I've received a lot of gifts and I'm
so grateful to each and every person that gave me a gift. It was really nice of them
and they really didn't have to do that. So in today's video I am going to show you guys
what I got for Christmas.
And also I just want to tell you guys that I have a meetup on the 9th January in Tokyo.
So if you guys are in Tokyo the meetup details will be in the description box below. So make
sure you check that out if you want to meet me!
So the first item I got was this Pikachu toy and this was from my friend Sunnydahye! Sunny
knows that I LOVE Pokemon and I'm so obsessed with Pokemon! If you guys have followed me
for a while you would know that I have caught every single Pokemon... and I mean I've caught
every single Pokemon. All of them... I know there's over 700 of them and I've caught every
single one. I remember my HeartGold and SoulSilver had 600 hours of play on there. I'm a Pokemon
master... it's cool... it's cool.
But anyway Sunny got me this really cute Pokemon plushie! It's a Pikachu my favourite Pokemon
because it's SO cute! So I haven't opened it yet but I will soon and I'm just gonna
put it next to my bed next to my Sailor Moon plushies! So thank you so much Sunny! She
knows me so well~
And then another item I got from Sunny is this candle and it also comes with oil that
you can burn. I really wanted something to make my room smell a bit nicer. So I'm really
happy I got this and I can't wait to try it out!
And then next I got this bag of goodies from Rinrindoll. On Christmas Day Sunny, Risa,
RinRindoll and I went out on a girl's date. We decided to do a Christmas swap. So what
we did was each of us bought a present for about $20 and then we just swapped with eachother
randomly. And we all just ended up with a different present and I ended up with Rinrin's
present! Also I did vlog this in my Christmas vlog so that will be up in a few days time
so if you guys want to see what everyone else got then that will be in the vlog!
First off Rinrin got me these Rose Bath Confettis and I'm super excited to try these out! But
it's just so pretty I just don't want to use it so I think I'm just going to display it
in my room for a while first before taking a bath with these.
Next item is this cupcake and this is another bath bomb. I can't wait to try this out because
it looks amazing and it smells so good! But also again it's so cute I just don't want
to use it, this is the problem with me.. I buy cute things and you're meant to use them but
I don't wanna use them because it's too cute!! So I think I'm going to display it
on my makeup table for a while before I use it.
And the last item that she got me is this Body Wash Rose and Peony! So this looks really
amazing and there's lots of glitters in there. So I can't wait to use this! I love it so
much the packaging is so pretty and this is so me! It's so pink and I love pink!! So thankyou
so much Rinrindoll for the presents! I really really love them!
And actually a few days ago RinRindoll came to my place and we filmed some videos together.
She gave me a few things~ So first off she gave me this AWESOME lashes! and these are
from her eyelash line! I've used these already but these are reusable and they look really
good quality so I think I can use them for a very long time.
And also because it is Christmas she gave me a candy cane so isn't that sweet of her?!?
I can't wait to eat it I haven't had candy canes in SO long.
This is something I'm sooooo super excited about and I did not expect at all!! So this
morning the postman rang my doorbell and I had a big package and it was really heavy...
So I didn't know what it was and I opened it and.... Etude House had sent me a Christmas
present!! I was so shocked because I didn't expect them to send me many things.. BUT when
opened the box I found this...!!! and I was like OMG!! MOISTFULL COLLAGEN This is my favourite!!
So I picked up the box and there was another box underneath and it was this massive box
right here!!
Actually last week I went to Etude House and I filmed in their store. That video should
be up hopefully in a few weeks time so I will get onto editing that soon! But while I was
filming I just mentioned to them that Moistfull Collagen is seriously my favourite skincare
of all time because when I used it my skin was SO glowy afterwards and I absolutely loved
it! You can actually see behind me I've got the Moistfull Collagens behind and that's
my skincare routine there which I've been using. And because I said that they told me
that actually... today the new Moistfull Collagen Series is launching. and they wanted to send
me a few products. I was like.. ok? But I didn't expect them to send me the whole entire
line!! So this is what they sent me and I'm going to go through them right now.
First off let's go through this box! Everything is packaged so cute OMG. The first item is
this Moistfull Collagen Facial Stick. I've actually been using this already and I really
really love it. So what it is is that it's just a roll on stick which you just apply
on your face when your face needs more moisture. You can also apply it on top of your makeup
as well. I really like it because it's winter now in Japan and my skin gets really dry during
winter. Whenever my face feels dry I just get the stick put it on places where it's
dry and just kind of rub it into my face and my face INSTANTLY feels so much more moisturized.
Next item is the Moistfull Collagen Deep cream. So this is new because the old Moistfull Collagen
it wasn't called Deep Cream and I have the old version and I'm still using it now so
I'll finish that off before I use this one. Next item is the Moistfull Collagen sleeping
pack. I love using sleeping packs because your face feels so moisturized when you put
it on at night time. With sleeping packs you just put it onto your skin just before you
go to sleep at night time and it just keeps the moisture trapped into your skin. When
you wash it off the next morning your skin feels so smooth after.
Next item is the Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream! I have to admit I'm super lazy with eye cream.
I actually don't use eye cream. I know I should because I'm getting older. I don't know like
wrinkles haven't started showing at all but they probably will soon so I'm gonna start
using eye cream ASAP!
Last item inside this box is the Moistfull Collagen facial mask sheet. I love face masks
and I've never tried this one out before so I can't wait!
Now let's open what's inside this box I'm so excited!!!!So guys look at this... OMG
This seriously is the whole Moistfull Collagen line! I'm so excited because I love the Moistfull
Collagen line so so much. OMG I'm so happyyyyy!!!!
Let's go through everything!! First off is the Moistfull Collagen first essence! And
then the second step you put on the Moistfull Collagen facial toner. And then next item
is the Moistfull Collagen essence. Actually this is all really confusing to me there's
so many items and I'm actually getting confused on what order to apply them in... But once
I figure it out I might do a updated skincare routine~
Next is the Moistfull Collagen emulsion. Moistfull Collagen cream~ So there probably is a difference
from this and the deep cream. I don't know the difference so I will probably have to
try it out and see. But I am planning to do a lot more reviews on my blog from now on.
I'm currently working on a new layout so once that's done I'm going to be blogging a lot
more often so my blog is in the description box below if you guys want to check that out!
This is the Moistfull Collagen facial mist! So I actually bought this when I went to Japan
back in May~
So that's all for this video thank you so much guys for watching and hope you guys had
a very Merry Christmas! Let me know in the description box below what you guys got for
Christmas! And also follow me on my VLOG channel! I as doing Vlogmas on my Vlog channel and
I'm still going to be uploading Japan vlogs on there. So make sure you subscribe just
to see what I get up to in my life in Japan! Also don't forget to follow me on my social
media which is all over here...
And also I have a PO Box now so if you guys want to send me anything feel free to~~ Don't
forget I have a meetup in Tokyo if you guys are available and... come and meet me and
Sunnydahye if you're free! Other than that thank you so much for watching guys and I'll
see you guys in the next video, byeee!!!


私のもらったクリスマスプレゼント (What I got for Christmas 2015 | クリスマスプレゼント | KimDao)

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