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  • Big congratulations on the brilliant show -Thank you.

  • And the stunning venue. -Thank you.

  • I meant it all started because actually Coach has a stronger connection to the

  • High Line and l love the story of the High Line.

  • It's a story like optimism and joy.

  • you know, and I think Coach has always had a strong connection and has supported the High Line

  • So I really wanted our first Coach show to have connected to the High Line

  • So that's really where the idea came from.

  • And actually right behind us, it's where new Coach headquarters has been built.

  • So it all kind of make sense some work together.

  • Can you share us with some concepts of this?

  • Yeah, It was really, I meant, it's about exploring what makes Coach different.

  • It's a lot of references to American style

  • And you know it's a nostalgia to a kind of a dreamy romantic American style of the pulse.

  • But you know also really refilling of the energy of the city of New York City

  • where so many different cultures combining and youth culture and counter culture.

  • So it's that idea of using our heritage as the touchstone, but really kind of bold in that and in forward.

  • Clothing is very new for Coach.

  • So I want people to understand what they can come to Coach for, you know, what our brand means.

  • So I think it'ts important to be consistent

  • And we know this year it's the Coach's 75th anniversary. -Yeah.

  • And you're the 20th creative director of Coach. -Yes.

  • So which kind of destination are you going to meet the Coach to?

  • I want it to meet it's about exploring what makes Coach unique

  • You know it's also about exploring what the next generation

  • what luxuries are gonna meet the next generation

  • So I think it's really forward to look forward and to always keep challenging

  • As a creative director, I always challenge myself, it's about the next generation

  • That's why inspires me.

  • Thanks for your time. -Thank you.

Big congratulations on the brilliant show -Thank you.


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