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Hey guys it's Kim Dao here, welcome back to my channel
Today I have another exciting Japan vlog to show you guys
In today's vlog I went to a really cute character cafe in Japan
and it's the Cinnamoroll cafe!
everything was super duper cute, and it just opened up yesterday
So we were super lucky to be able to try it out!
But anyway I got a quick announcement which I want to tell you guys
So I asked my network if they were able to let
you guys send me fanmail, packages, anything!
And they said YES!!
If you guys want to send me anything, the address is in the description box below~
Also just to let you guys know, I have enabled subtitles on my channel!
So if you guys can help me translate, that would be amazing!!!
So I've got the English subtitles already done
So if you guys are able to translate for me
Then I have a video in the description box below
Which shows you how to do it!
Also if you guys haven't yet, subscribe to my vlog channel
because I have been doing vlogmas on there
Since I"ve moved to Japan I've been posting everyday on my vlog channel.
So if you guys want to see what I get up to on a normal day in Japan
And also see what I do when I hang out with friends
Then please subscribe to that channel!
Follow me on my social media because I do post quite a lot on there now~
So follow my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Everything is linked below!
So now let's just get straight onto the video!
Hey guys~so right now I'm in Shibuya
And I'm walking towards PARCO which is where the Cinnamoroll cafe is
So we decided to go to the Cinnamoroll cafe which is just behind me... there~
You can see there are a lot of people
So we are still in line for the Cinnamoroll cafe
But we got a ticket and we are almost there!
Alright guys so this is the menu, look at how adorable it is!!
Curry~ Burger ~Stew ~ Pasta!
Waffle Plate or something like that?
Chiffon Cake~
I really want this one maybe we should share one of those
Cake Tower~
Fondant, Soda, Chai, Ice Latte, Hot Latte
Yayy so we are at the Connamoroll cafe now!!
Isn't this the cutest pillow ever guys?
So guys we are in the cafe now and everything is so adorable!
Ahh I'm so happy here!!
Going to wait for our food to come, we've already ordered
Can't wait!!
And also because I got the curry I also got a cup with it!
My curry! It's like a blue curry
It has like Cotton Candy in it which is really interesting for a curry
And I got an ice latte~
Other girls got a burger!
It's got fairy floss in here which is so interesting!
But no, it's really really good guys!
This is so cute I had to take a selfie with it!
So cute right?!?
I'm in Shibuya now~
We're just going to walk around, and we're going to take some purikura now
We're just going to do some shopping around here
Come follow us as we hang around Shibuya!
So I'm still here with Michelle~
And we're just going to chill here for a bit until we have to go home~
Thank you so so so much for watching and hope you guys enjoyed that!
It was such a fun day and it was amazing that we got to go to the Cinnamoroll cafe!
Please subscribe to my vlog channel for daily Japan vlogs
Also follow my social media which I will link in the description box below as well
Just so you you guys can keep up to date with me to see what I get up to
If you guys have anymore places you want me to visit in Japan please let me know
because I'm planning to visit a lot of places to do a lot of Japan vlogs for you guys!
Other than that, thank you so much and I'll see you guys in the next video! Byee!!


日本で一日中~渋谷で買い物とかわいいカフェ巡り (A Day in JAPAN | Cinnamoroll Cafe | Shibuya Shopping | シナモロールカフェ)

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