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Hey everyone! Welcome to this new 2min Japan video!
Since the last video was pretty gruesome
Don't show it again...
I decided that this time i was going to show some really delicious food!
A few weeks back, I had a shooting with Yummy Japan
to a really nice restaurant in Nogizaka called Torikou
Their speciality is: Yakitori!
Witness for the first time a 2min Japan episode in HD!!!
Of course it's gonna be switching with this shitty quality
This place is a liiiittle different than your usual Yakitori shop
It's really really elegant
There are all kinds of wines there! The wine menu was pretty big!
And since I am French I really like the French wine which is very delicious
That's really cliché
One of the chefs at Torikou: Kenta Yokoyama
told me everything there is to know about eating Yakitori
Because YES there's a way!
You always eat the yakitori from the stick, you don't take it out with your fucking chopsticks
Otherwise, it will taste like shit
I don't know about the rest of the world
but in France when you eat Yakitori, you always find the same kind of Yakitori
Cheese Yakitori, Meatball
Here...it's very different
I tried something that looked like a tomato
It turned out it was the chicken's ******
But it was delicious!!!
It's really delicious! And it tastes like egg...it's very..melty
So that's it for today's video! If you wanna eat delicious Yakitori, please go check it out!!
It's a little bit more expensive than regular Yakitori shops
but it's really really good
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And I'll be seeing you very soon for another 2min Japan video!! Bye bye!
Aaa...knees hurt


フランス人が認めた最高の焼き鳥 Tokyo's most delicious Yakitori Restaurant: Torikou

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Yummy Japan 2016 年 1 月 25 日 に公開
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