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  • So I just lifted the entire island out at the ocean and I was about to throw it into outer space when--

  • Stop talking!!

  • It's my turn now!

  • Well it is about time! Wait, is that your new stage voice?

  • Yeah. What about it?

  • Well I mean, are you like gargling marbles or something? I could barely understand you..



  • How 'bout a magic trick?

  • I'm gonna make this pencil disappear..

  • TADA!! It's gone!

  • That wasn't a magic trick, I saw the pencil just went up into his eye! This is lame...

  • Let her go.

  • Very poor choice of words...

  • Ahhhh!!!

  • Rachel!

  • Ahhhh!!

  • I gotcha!

  • Oh!!

  • You alright?

  • I'm ok. I don't know how though. We completely smashed this car.

  • So you gonna go back up there and catch the Joker?

  • Mmh, nah! I'm sure everything's fine.

  • Come on, come on... Watch me...

  • Come on, hit me!

  • Come on... Watch it, watch it. Come on, hit me, hit me!! Hit me!!

  • AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Hit me!!!!


  • Hit me!!!

  • AHHHH!!!

  • Whammo!

  • Whoa! Hold on a second. You hit him?

  • Yup.

  • You hit the Joker?

  • Uh huh.

  • You ran over a human being?

  • Sure did.

  • But.. .Wh... What about your rule!?

  • I didn't kill him.

  • Ahhh...

  • You wanna know how I got these scars?

  • Mhmmmm from Batman

  • From Batman...

  • Hey, he said he wanted me to do it...

  • You sir, are bold. I'll bet Gotham loves you now.

  • Well, it turns out that, the Joker already had this unbeatable plan. A lot of people died and... now the city hates me.

  • What? They hate you? How is this a good story?

  • It's because I'm the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs... It's complicated but it's pretty awesome when you think about it.

  • Yeah I don't know what any of that means.

  • But dude, you know what I would've done?

  • Oh I don't know, probably just...

  • really fast, saving everyone from the bullets and explosions, exactly!!

  • Yea, well, I can't do all those things.

  • Because I'm not a super bulletproof alien from another planet that can defy gravity, but you know what I can do?

  • What's that?

  • Make an incredibly awesome movie!

  • You know why?

  • Because you're Bat--


  • [THE END]

  • So we're just gonna pretend like, those guys never happened?

  • Is that what we're doing?

  • Yup.

  • How are you even speaking so clearly?

  • It makes no sense, I should be like I only have a half a face.....

So I just lifted the entire island out at the ocean and I was about to throw it into outer space when--


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