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  • My name is Aaron Kyro

  • I've been skateboarding and teaching kids how to skateboard for a very long time

  • And today I'm going to teach you guys how to 180 no-comply

  • To start this trick out, you've got to have your foot placement correct

  • It's similar to an ollie, your foot placement is just like this

  • Your front foot is down from those top bolts

  • And your back foot is there on the tail

  • You're going to have your back foot back a little bit

  • So you can get the practice on the scoop

  • So after you've got your foot placement down

  • I want you to practice just kicking the board like this

  • Just practice popping it 180 just with one foot at a time

  • Essentially when you do the trick and you step your front foot off

  • That's the motion that you're going to do

  • You've got to do this along with turning your shoulders

  • Just like I showed you there

  • So a big part of it is turning your head and shoulders

  • So turn your shoulders first, step your front foot off

  • And then pop your back foot on the board just like you practiced previously

  • And then you've got to put it all together, do it all at one

  • And try and do it fast. You can learn this one kind of slow

  • Where you can just step your front foot off, pop it and then step on like that

  • And then the more comfortable you get with that

  • The faster you can do it

  • It's honestly kind of hard to do this trick standing still

  • It's much easier rolling even though it's kind of scarier and a little bit harder

  • But once you get it down kind of standing still

  • And you've got the pop of the board

  • And the timing between stepping your front foot off

  • And popping your board down, then just do it rolling

  • Honestly it's just a lot easier rolling for me too

  • When I was doing these ones still, it was kind of hard

  • Even though I can obviously do the trick a lot

  • So I'll show you a bunch of different angles here

  • And you guys can kind of get the idea of how it works

  • The other thing you've got to watch out for

  • Is getting your front leg out of the way so your board pops around

  • So it is easiest to do just a frontside 180 with this

  • If you pop the board without doing a 180 it's super hard to get it to pop

  • And just go straight. That one's really hard.

  • The frontside 180 is the easier no-comply to learn

  • So I definitely suggest learning that one first

  • So yeah, you guys are going to have a lot of fun with this trick

  • Practice it a lot and do it a lot.

  • You'll get really good at it

  • And there's kind of a lot of different fun combinations

  • That you can do with this trick

  • So it's a good one to learn early and it's just a really fun one

  • When you're just cruising around

  • So yeah, you can see here I step off my front foot, pop it around

  • And then I just step back on

  • Here's the top view - the point of view cam

  • Step off with that front foot, pop it around

  • And you see how fast the front foot just steps on the ground

  • And then jumps back on

  • It seems like it's going to be hard, but once you guys get used to it

  • And get this down, it's going to be a lot easier then you think

  • So yeah, this trick is a lot of fun

  • And I know you guys are going to have a lot of fun doing it

  • So if you have questions, just leave it in the comments

  • Or post your videos on my website at the skate support page

  • And I'll try to get to you guys there. I know I'm a little bit backlogged

  • I've got a lot of projects going

  • Pop over to

  • Definitely check out Skateboarding Made Simple

  • It's $6.99 but it's well worth it. I'm getting rave reviews back on it

  • Also I will be uploading a slow-mo version of the 180 no-comply video

  • To help you guys learn it

  • But until then, go ahead and check out all of these playlists

  • And see that you can find there

  • Thanks for all your help and support

  • Many more videos on the way

My name is Aaron Kyro


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