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- Big news in the world of science.
Four new elements have been added to the periodic table,
so I thought we should bring in our expert, Brielle,
to explain what all of this means.
From Salinas, California, please welcome back
Brielle and her mom, Carrie.
Hello, Brielle, how are you?
- Good. - You look adorable.
I love this dress.
Is this a special birthday dress?
It's your birthday today. - Yes.
- Happy birthday to Brielle.
[cheers and applause]
You're four years old today. - Yeah.
- Four years old. Do you feel different?
Do you feel older? - No.
- Okay, so let's talk about the elements.
These are already-- we already have these, right?
- Yeah. - What is this one?
- Carbon. - That's carbon.
And tell me something about carbon.
- It has the highest melting point of all the other elements.
- It does. The highest melting point
of all the elements.
And then what about this one?
Oh, sorry.
I had a puppy.
- Lead. - That's lead.
Tell me something anout lead.
- The ancient Romans used lead to make their water pipes.
- They did. The Romans made water pipes out of it.
Okay, and what's this?
- Fluorine. - Fluorine, exactly.
What is this?
- It's added to drinking water to help protect our teeth.
- That is right.
Now if there was four new elements
which were just found, and they're synthetic, right?
- Yeah. - Okay.
And are they named yet or no? - No.
- And do you think that you could name the elements?
Do we have any pictures of the elements to show?
- What is--so there's no name for that one?
- Do you have an idea of what we should name it?
Here, well this-- this might help you.
Tell Ellen you have that for her.
- I have something for you. - Oh, okay.
- Why did you bring that for Ellen?
- It's a mug, and did you draw this?
- I did. - Wow. That's wonderful.
What does this mean right here?
- A new element. - Oh, it is a new element?
- That's what she said that she wanted to name her element.
Can you tell her what the name of it is?
- Briellen. That's on the bottom.
- Briellen. - Oh, it's our names together.
Briellen. Oh, that's ad--
- And then that's your drawing.
- And then you did one like that where--
is that you and I together?
- Yes. - Oh, I want that one, too.
I want both of these. I love these.
- Show the back.
- There it is.
- She didn't see it back there.
- I have a puppy.
I love this so very much.
And did you do anything for New Years?
- We had a game night. - A game night?
Oh, I heard about this.
You played Head's Up, didn't you?
- Yes. - You played Head's Up
with the animal noises? - Yes.
And what animal noises did you--
oh, you're acting out the animal--
look at your doggie right--
your dog's like, "What are you all doing?"
- Can you tell Ellen what your favorite animals to do were?
- The sea gull and the--
- What's the first one? - The sea gull and the cow.
Show Ellen your cow. - I want to hear the--
- Moo. - Ooh.
And what does a sea gull sound like?
- I'm a bird and I say, "Mine, mine."
- Is that from "Finding Nemo"? - Yes.


【エレンの部屋】元素周期表のちっちゃい専門家が戻ってきたー Ellen's Pint-Sized Periodic Table Expert is Back

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