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  • acceptance

  • is a very active process there's nothing passive about it

  • it's not passive resignation

  • but it's an active recognition that things are actually the way they are.

  • sometimes they're not the way we want them to be

  • so acceptance doesn't mean that we can't work to change the world

  • to change circumstances of one kind or another

  • but it means that unless we accept things as they are

  • we will try to force things to be as they are not

  • and that can create enormous amount of difficulty

  • if we recognize the actuality of things

  • then we have the potential to apply wisdom in that situation

  • to actually shift our own relationship to what is occurring in ways that might be

  • profoundly healing and transformative

  • but without acceptance of one situation then it's very difficult to know where to stand

  • without knowing where to stand

  • it's very difficult to take the first step

  • so some things are very hard to accept

  • like a when something

  • when you experience pain for instance in your body and you don't know what it's from

  • it's very very difficult to accept it

  • because

  • first we wanna know what its coming from

  • and if we don't have any answer for what is causing the pain

  • and it can be very very difficult to accepted

  • but we find working with chronic pain patients

  • is that before you can actually work with pain and suffering

  • you need to actually put out the welcome mat for it

  • and accepted as it is, because

  • whatever has been done medically that could be done, has been done

  • and you're still living with a certain degree of pain when

  • people with chronic pain come to our clinic

  • experiences that there's a lot of different ways to actually work with pain

  • but the first step

  • it actually put out the welcome mat for it, it's very hard to do

  • when you're suffering, but it's actually gateway into freedom from suffering

  • so that's one of the most powerful ways

  • in which acceptance can be brought to bear on healing

  • and transforming one's life is a very very powerful factor

  • and is a very very powerful attitude in the cultivation of mindfulness

  • Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke 英文聽打:大西啟介 中譯:牧行者



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