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  • Non judging is very important

  • element of mindfulness practice and in fact,

  • is part of my working definition of mindfulness

  • which is the awareness that arises through paying attention

  • on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally

  • and non-judgmentally is the real challenge

  • because when you start to pay attention to what's on your mind

  • you very rapidly discover that we have ideas and opinions about everything

  • just about everything

  • and we're always a judging things in terms of I like that I don't like that

  • I want that I don't want that

  • this is good that's bad and

  • it's like a steady stream of judging judging judging

  • so when we speak of mindfulness being non-judgmental awareness

  • it doesn't mean that they won't be judgments

  • it means that you will be aware of how judgmental we actually are

  • and then not judge the judging

  • and when we relate to it in that kind of way

  • then we begin to see that

  • our judging is very often black and white

  • its either this or that, this or that

  • good or bad, like dislike, want don't want

  • and we get imprisoned by that kind of view but

  • not being non-judgmental doesn't mean that all the sudden

  • you get stupid and think well I'm not going to be judgmental

  • so I'll just walk out in the street

  • in front of an oncoming truck what difference ,no

  • it means that we will cultivate discernment this is the capacity to see

  • what's actually unfolding

  • but not to judge it but to recognize it and understand it

  • in relationship to our experience so

  • when we speak about non-judgmental awareness that's what we're talking

  • about with tech

  • talking about a very fine degree of discernment

  • have clarity wisdom of

  • understanding the interconnections between things and

  • at the same time noticing the tendency to

  • judge quite quickly

  • like don't like what don't want and to recognize that

  • actually creates a kind of veil or a filter in front of our eyes

  • that doesn't allow us to things see, that doesn't allow us to see things

  • as they are

  • but I only see them through the lenses of our own

  • ideas and opinions and likes and dislikes which is practically blinding

  • to us

  • so there this is a wonderful discipline the cultivation of

  • awareness of judging and the

  • cultivation of a being gently

  • non-judgmental or not judging the judging that we

  • do discover in ourselves and over days weeks months and years

  • we can begin to actually find a way to navigate through

  • our judging in such a way that it no longer

  • dominates our lives in quite the same way

  • and we recognize when it comes up that it's actually

  • in some sense toxic and the more we challenge it

  • and the more we rest in discernment and in

  • pure awareness the more we can live a life like authetically in the present moment

  • without getting caught by our own habits of mind

  • a unhealthy if you will habits of mind

  • Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke 英文聽打:大西啟介 中譯:牧行者

Non judging is very important


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