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  • On January 3rd, 1959 Alaska became the 49th member of the United States of America. Roughly

  • 100 years earlier, the territory was purchased from Russia for roughly $7 million dollars,

  • which today would only be about $120 million dollars. And yet, despite paying pennies per

  • acre, some economists today say that the US government has never actually seen profit

  • on the purchase. At the time, the deal was ridiculed in Congress and the press. Fast

  • forward to today; just how powerful is Alaska?

  • Well, Alaska is actually the second newest US state, and the largest by far. It is roughly

  • 663,000 square miles, which means that it comprises more than a sixth of the entire

  • United States. Alone, Alaska would be the 18th largest country on earth. And yet, with

  • a population of less than 750,000, it is also the least densely populated state. Roughly

  • 400,000 people live in the Anchorage Metropolitan Area, so most of the state is pretty barren.

  • However, Alaska’s population is unique in that about 15% is made up of Native Americans

  • or Alaskan Natives. Although both of these groups are indigenous to the US, they are

  • dealt with separately within some pieces of legislature. For example, although many Native

  • American tribes are able to collect taxes from business conducted on their tribal lands,

  • Alaskan Natives cannot do so. This is because the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of

  • 1971 eliminated all but one Alaskan reservation, an island in the southeast.

  • In addition to a sparse population and a somewhat unfair shake for the Native peoples, Alaska

  • is also not very wealthy. Their state GDP is around 54 billion dollars, ranking them

  • 45th among US states. For comparison, the smallest state in the US, Rhode Island, ranks

  • two spaces higher. And yet, despite such a relatively low total yield, Alaska has the

  • fifth highest number of millionaires per capita in the US. Why? Concentrated oil wealth.

  • Oil and gas make up nearly all of the state’s revenue, with seafood and tourism very distant

  • secondary sources. One of the largest oil fields in North America is located in Alaska,

  • and the petroleum industry accounts for a third of Alaskan employment. Alaska also has

  • one of the highest costs of living in the country due to difficulties transporting goods,

  • particularly in rural regions.

  • So, just how powerful is Alaska? Well, with a low density population, singular oil economy,

  • high wage inequality, and high cost of living, unfortunately Alaska’s gargantuan size is

  • a bit deceiving as to it’s relatively powerless state.

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On January 3rd, 1959 Alaska became the 49th member of the United States of America. Roughly


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アラスカのパワーは? (How Powerful Is Alaska?)

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