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  • I'm going to tell you how to get around the fact that you, in reality, are only capable

  • of exercising so much willpower at any one time. We have to learn to live with our limits,

  • and research shows, from social psychology, it's very, very, extremely clear research,

  • it shows that we cannot take on more than three projects of any sizable importance at

  • any one time, and if we attempt to do three really monstrous things, we're going to tax

  • our actual ability to do so when it comes to our willpower. We have a finite amount

  • of willpower, and so you have to learn to use it like any other energy source capably,

  • and you know, with a kind of sensible approach to what you can really get done. Now, I know

  • that's hard for you if you're ambitious, and if you're creative, and if you have a lot

  • of ideas and a lot of projects you have to follow, and you want to follow them, but guess

  • what. That's one of the reasons you're crashing into barriers instead of actually tapping

  • your untapped potential. You're greedy, in a way, about how much you want to do at any

  • one time. If you're greedy, raise your hand. Mine's up. I'm greedy. It's really hard for

  • me to slow down and stop and say, here's one thing I really need to focus on, but I'm very

  • well aware of running into my own limits of willpower. Then, the bad thing that can happen

  • is you can attack yourself. Not only do you not capably finish what you're doing and you

  • abandon something and now you start something new because it looks fun, and the fun parts

  • going, and you're not in that grinding, scut work part where you've got to stay with that.

  • It's because you get interested in the fun part again. I understand that, but you can

  • learn to work around this. You can hack this problem of limited willpower by sequencing

  • what you do and only scheduling one major thing to pursue and doing it well. So don't

  • have three major projects. That's the limit, but why tax the limit? Do one thing really,

  • really well, and put it to bed and make sure it becomes silently a part of your life before

  • you try to tackle another thing at the same time. I hope you really get how important

  • this can be. Try it out. You're going to find out that you can learn to handle one thing

  • really well instead of going off, trying to do a number of things at the same time. Now,

  • the research shows you can do three things at the same time. Be very careful about what

  • those three things are, and make sure you give space between them in a day. I'd say

  • do one, and do it well. That's the best way I can give you. It's the best way to hack

  • it. Since you're a high achiever, you may know about this. High achievers often hit

  • a wall. They're going along. They're having one success after another, and then suddenly,

  • something happens, and they grind to a halt. And it's confusing because they're not sure

  • what it is they've done wrong, if it's anything. They just know that they're not moving any

  • more, the way they're used to working, the way they have moved in the past. If you've

  • run into like what seems like a ceiling over you, and you're kind of in a fog, and you're

  • mystified as to what's getting in your way, you can even, kind of, slide into a swirl

  • of doubts and wonder if you've ever really achieved anything significant at all and whether

  • any of your amazing achievements that you've done were anything but kind of fronting or

  • a little bit of a fraud. That is really negative and pernicious, and it doesn't have to be

  • that way. I want you to go get a free report from me. Go to

  • and receive from me this free report with action steps that are going to tell you exactly

  • what to do now to get you going.

I'm going to tell you how to get around the fact that you, in reality, are only capable


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あなたの未開発の潜在能力をタップする方法。限られた意志の力のハック (How to Tap Your Untapped Potential: Limited Willpower Hacks)

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