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  • Hey everybody, it's Ty the Diabolo Guy. Today I'm going to teach you the Elevator, one of

  • the classic moves. You can only do this with the fixed axel Diabolo. You cannot do it with

  • a ball-bearing Diabolo, but the trick is to make the Diabolo climb the string. Kids love

  • it. Crowds love it. Check it out. It climbs the string slowly, slower than it would fall.

  • So, let's watch this bad boy in slow motion here in just a second. It's a fun trick you

  • can do and I'll tell you about that in just a second. First you've got to get that Diabolo

  • going really fast, screaming fast, spinning like crazy. You're going to turn to your left

  • and you're going to take that right hand over the Diabolo and down. You're going to make

  • a loop over the Diabolo, not a full loop like you normally would, just a half loop, because

  • you're going to pull down on the stick, at the bottom, pulling down getting that string

  • tight. If the string is not tight, the Diabolo will not climb. Once your string is tight,

  • the Diabolo climbs the string nice and slow. You can let it got up and over the top of

  • your stick with a little flourish. It'll have a half loop on it and you'll just have to

  • drop it and undo it. Let's watch it now in normal motion. Get that Diabolo spinning super

  • fast. It's got to be fast or it will not work. Use either the whip or your loop acceleration

  • technique. Pull over and down, nice and tight. Now if you get it going really fast and you

  • play with the tension of your string, you can make it kind of go up and down a little

  • bit at a time, so it pauses in the middle and goes up and down. That is the elevator.

  • Check it out. Have fun.

  • So, did you like the video? Good, because we have a bajillion other videos here, on

  • our website ready for you to learn a whole bunch of other tricks. So head there now,

  • down to the website. Ready? Go!

The Diablo Guy


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エレベータ - 初心者のためのディアボロ・トリック|キックファイヤー・ディアボロ|中国のYoYoトリック (The Elevator - Diabolo Tricks for Beginners | KickFire Diabolos | Chinese YoYo Tricks)

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