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  • Hey, Fiona, how’s it going today?

  • I’m great, thanks!

  • Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year?

  • But, today is not January 1st .

  • It’s Chinese New Year here in Taiwan,

  • so we welcome the New Year in the lunar calendar.

  • Oh, Okay!

  • In my country, the UK, we celebrate New Year on December 31st and January 1st.

  • Yeah, we do that in Taiwan, too.

  • But not so much as Chinese New Year.

  • Okay, so, what do you guys do at Chinese New Year?

  • Well, we will clean the house first.

  • Then, put up some spring couplets.

  • After that, we have New Year’s Eve Dinner with family.

  • And then my favorite part!

  • Well, what’s that?

  • We get lucky money in red envelope!

  • Wow! Cool! Thanks so much! That’s awesome.

  • Hey! Give me that back. It’s mine.

  • Don’t cry! Don’t cry!

  • I was just having some fun. It’s just a joke.

  • If you want to get lucky money,

  • you should say New Year blessings to elders.

  • OK. So, can you teach me some popular New Year blessings?

  • No problem.

  • You can say “新年快樂、萬事如意”

  • It meanswishing you a happy new year and may everything go as you hope.”

  • “新年快樂、萬事如意” That’s too easy.

  • Hey, I heard a lot of people saying “恭喜發財、紅包拿來”

  • What does that mean?

  • It meanswishing you wealth, and give me that money


  • That’s the one that I need.

  • Hey, Christmas is very similar to Chinese New Year.

  • We eat dinner with family,

  • and we like to give gifts, and sometimes even money.

  • Yeah, I guess it is quite similar.

  • The important thing is spending time with your family.

  • Yeah, that’s right.

  • So, what kind of foods do you eat at Chinese New Year?

  • We eat a lot of things.

  • We eat fish because in Chinese it means we want to have enough money in the new year.

  • What? So, you mean by eating a fish you get money.

  • That sounds great to me.

  • Not really.

  • It’s just a New Year tradition.

  • We also eat New Year rice cake

  • because in Chinese it sounds like we want to get better and better.

  • So, what other things do you guys do at Chinese New Year that are really cool?

  • Shaun! Run!

  • Run? Running?

  • Why do you guys run at Chinese New Year?

  • No! I mean, run! Now!

  • Those are firecrackers!

  • That was fun, right!?

  • Yeah, I guess so.

  • Why you guys use those things?

  • We believe that it scares away evil spirits.

  • Yeah, and foreigners, too!

Hey, Fiona, how’s it going today?


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