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  • Today, I'm HouseholdHacker. We are gonna make a candle from an apple.

  • No, no, no. Not that kind of apple.


  • To make an apple candle, you need a few items.

  • Vegetable oil, an apple, a wicker string and a knife.

  • Pick yourself out of a fine looking apple, and slowing cut a circle or a square around the stem.

  • They don't need to go very deep into the core, about one inch's perfect.

  • Work your way around until you have full cuts.

  • Now, you can pop out the top with the knife or just grab a spoon and scrape it out with ease.

  • Here's an interesting side note.

  • You can stop the apple from browning by squirting a little lime juice over the exposed fruit.

  • Remember that next time you cutting up some apple slices.

  • Now unfortunately you can't use the apple stem as a wick, just as you can see here. It simply won't stay lit.

  • So grab yourself a wicker string and cut it to be even with the top of the apple.

  • Now grab your vegetable oil and pour directly over the wick to fill up the apple.

  • Make sure to leave some of the wick above the oil line or it simply won't work at all.

  • Once the wick and the oil line are in place, get out the lighter and spark it up.

  • If you did it right, it should stay lit for at least a couple hours, depending on how much oil you have inside.

  • Now if you wanna add some holiday cheer, grab another apple of a different color and follow the same steps as before.

  • We stuck with red and green to keep with the holiday feat.

  • One red apple and one green apple is perfect.

  • They burn strong and emit plenty of light, in case you found yourself in a power outage and need a quick and simple emergency candle as well.

  • But the best thing to do, is to use them as a great addition to your Christmas decorations.

  • So while your friends and family with your amazing Christmas survival skills, check out these other holiday videos here.

  • See you next time.

Today, I'm HouseholdHacker. We are gonna make a candle from an apple.


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1分でリンゴからキャンドルを作る (Make a Candle from an Apple in 1 Minute)

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