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  • You're running, here in the last quarter of the marathon.


  • You're a beast! You're a champion! You are incredible!


  • But then, suddenly, you feel this sharp pain in your side.


  • It seems to get worse and worse with every breath.


  • It is an attack of the side stitch!

    それは<a href='#post_comment_1'>stitch<i class="icon-star"></i>のサイドの攻撃です!<a href='#post_comment_1'>stitch<i class="icon-star"></i>の攻撃です!<a href='#post_comment_1'>stitch<i class='#post_comment_1'>stitch<i class="icon-star"></i>の攻撃です。

  • And now you have to stop running for a while so it goes away.


  • But don't worry, you are not alone.


  • A study in the year 2000 found that 69% of runners had experienced a stitch, otherwise known as an exercise-related transient abdominal pain, in the last year.

    2000年の研究では、ランナーの69%が縫合を経験していたことがわかりました、そうでなければ運動関連の<a href='#post_comment_2'>一過性<i class="icon-star"></i></a>の腹痛として知られている昨年の1年間で。

  • And people who exercised in other ways, like swimming or bike riding, also reported having gotten a stitch.


  • But even though they're so common, researchers aren't really sure where the pain comes from.


  • Remarkable that we don't know these things, even about our own bodiesone possibility is that it's all about your diaphragm, the domed-shaped muscle between your chest and abdomen.

    驚くべきことに我々はこれらのことを知らない 自分の体のことでさえも1つの可能性としては、<a href='#post_comment_3'>胸部と腹部の間にある<a class="icon-star"></a>筋肉である横隔膜についてのすべての可能性があります。

  • When your diaphragm contracts, your lungs expand and fill with air.


  • When your diaphragm expands, your lungs get smaller and the air is forced back out.


  • But when you exercise, you might be overextending that muscle.


  • When you're running, for example, your foot consistently hits the pavement at the same time as you exhale.


  • When your diaphragm is at its highest and tightest, it might strain the diaphragm, causing it to spasm.

  • It could also be that forceful movement, like the up-and-down motion of running, bounces your internal organs around, straining the ligaments trying to keep them from sliding around inside youwhich is a really gross thought.


  • The most likely explanation seems to point to the peritoneum, a two-layered membrane that lines the abdominal wall and helps support your organs.


  • Now, normally, there's fluid in between the layers that make sure they don't scrape together too much.

    さて、普通は<a href='#post_comment_4'>layers<i class="icon-star"></i>の間に流体が入っていて、あまり一緒に削らないようにしているのですが、これは、<a href='#post_comment_4'>layers<i class="icon-star"></i>の間に流体が入っています。

  • Because when they do, you end up with that sharp pain.


  • When you eat a large meal, your stomach pushes out on the inner layer, and when you are dehydrated, like if you've been sweating a lot from exercising, there's less fluid between the layers.


  • The way your body is moving around might bump the layers against each other, too.


  • So, how do you make the pain go away?


  • First, just stop exercising for a bitthe pain will eventually pass.


  • Unless it doesn't, in which case, go see your doctor, because I'm not a doctor.


  • And if you want to make sure it doesn't happen again, it's probably worth listening to your mom's advice: Wait a little while after a big meal before jumping in the pool or going out for a run.


  • Working to strengthen your core might help, too.


  • That should reduce the movement in your abdomen while you're exercising, meaning less strain on your ligaments and membranes.

    それはあなたが運動している間、あなたの腹部の動きを減らす必要があります、より少ない<a href='#post_comment_5'>strain<i class="icon-star"></i>あなたの靭帯と膜に意味します。

  • This way, your internal organs and all the stuff inside your abdominal cavity can stay right where it's supposed to be without causing stitches that might slow you down.


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You're running, here in the last quarter of the marathon.


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