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  • you want to change your life I don't care where you are in the world you

  • could be in Europe could be in asia you could be here in America you can be a

  • man you give you a woman to be old you can be young what I am looking for if

  • you choose people who are dedicated

  • I know that a lot of people say money is the root of all evil those people don't

  • have money

  • your penny stock story is just beginning if you take my teachings and apply them to your life

  • I would have earned a lot more money with penny stocks and gain a lot more knowledge faster I

  • hadn't mentioned so

  • my job to be the man charged in

  • children and if you have the $200 to name you could become a millionaire in

  • just a few years if you study if you want it back

  • money is great not just a waste not to spend my superficial thing that's not

  • what life is about not what my mind about that how can I want to teach

  • want to teach you how to be financially independent financial security be able

  • to take care of you

  • yeah I guess how old I am personally when I was 22 just lucky no I was driven

  • becoming unions became very fucking good at reading and I've made several million

  • dollars to myself

  • the inner 2830 granted last month they have driven the future big-time traders

  • in the stock

  • not one but two millionaire student so far but I am overwhelmed by people who

  • say they want you but they don't back it up I didn't get here it's been a journey

  • easier to understand that it requires hard work and stuff

  • more forthcoming from kitchen units and changing your life just the way my kids

  • who have changed my mind it's a great feeling I want you to have

  • we're living in a very unique time and a lot of us take it for granted we

  • complain about small things whether you're in college we're gonna go to

  • college or you're out of college

  • this is a lifelong journey where you have to continue the work hard work

  • harder than other people to get ahead

  • what you want to do you do if he personally if you work hard if you

  • realized that what he might say that possible

you want to change your life I don't care where you are in the world you


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