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  • The climate is changing.

  • Extreme weather is disrupting livelihoods and food supplies around the world.

  • This is observed. This is documented. This is the scientific community's consensus.

  • The climate IS changing.

  • Carbon emissions are driving that change.

  • Emissions come from burning fossil fuels.

  • So if we want to slow or even reverse the change, we must lower fossil fuel use.

  • By charging a fee on fossil fuels, and returning that revenue to households as a dividend, we can do just that.

  • Starting a chain of positive effects: Fossil fuels become less desirable.

  • Cleaner sources of energy become more competitive.

  • The dividend creates millions of jobs.

  • Carbon emissions go down.

  • Reduced air pollution saves tens of thousands of lives.

  • And climate change is brought under control.

  • We can make this happen.

  • But enacting a carbon fee and dividend isn't in our hands.

  • It's in their's.

  • How do we sway them?

  • What can we do?

  • We can use our voices to express political will, and demand action.

  • We must help our elected leaders work together.

  • It's on us to tell them what we want, as a group.

  • Because when voices call out together, their impact multiplies.

  • Government can respond to the will of the people, provided we tell the government what we want. And what we want is a livable world.

  • This is what Citizens Climate Lobby works for.

  • To empower citizens to connect with and influence their members of Congress.

  • To spread the idea that each one of us can address climate change.

  • Bring your voice to

The climate is changing.


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