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  • Hey Farah, do not kick the door openit could hit somebody, alright?

  • Kwok! You always have to have the guard on! I want you to be working safe. Ok.

  • Whoa, Ryan, that’s way too many. Youre gonna hurt your back.

  • Take less. That’s better.

  • I’m constantly telling my staff to be safe. But I mean, what more can I do?

  • There’s no common sense these days.

  • Working safely takes more than just relying on common sense and telling your employees to be safe.

  • You need to show them and then supervise them.

  • Begin by giving new employees an orientation before they start work.

  • So since this is your first day at work, I’m gonna go over some procedures with you that we have at the restaurant here.

  • Don’t be afraid of asking a stupid questionthe only stupid question is the one you don’t ask, alright?

  • We can’t afford anyone to get hurt here.

  • This means going over general information, such as their duties,

  • who they should go to for questions, their rights and responsibilities, and where to go for first aid.

  • Train your employees for each specific task they will be doing.

  • First, show them how to perform the task, and then have them demonstrate it to you.

  • Ok, so first you wanna get your right hand under the tray, find the balance point, secure it with your left hand, bend with your knees and use your legs.

  • - So this way you won’t strain your back. Do you wanna give it a try? - Sure.

  • That’s it. Steady it. Excellent. Good job, Farah.

  • Supervision means regularly walking by and checking on your employees to make sure they are doing their work properly, efficiently, and safely.

  • Hey Kwok, the kitchen looks great,

  • but you need to make sure you always have a dry towel on hand to handle the pots and pans.

  • We don’t want you getting burned.

  • Check on them frequently in the beginning, especially new workers, and then less often as you gain confidence in their work habits.

  • If you see your employees doing something wrong, correct them.

  • Saying nothing means you condone it.

  • Hey Ryan, it’s good to see you keeping the equipment clean, but the slicer is really dangerous.

  • Youve got to unplug it every time before you clean it, alright?

  • - So youre gonna turn it off, then unplug it, then push the on again to make sure it’s locked out. Got it? - Got it.

  • And don’t rely on common sense, because common sense means different things to different people.

  • Take the time to orient and train your employees on how to work safely,

  • and then supervise them throughout, and you will have a safer and more productive workplace.

  • For more information, visit

Hey Farah, do not kick the door openit could hit somebody, alright?


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小規模事業者の安全衛生(5件中3件 (Health and Safety in Small Business (3 of 5))

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