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  • Hello guys!

  • Today I'm going to use a simple calendar to plan my study sessions for three tests.

  • This is a good way to organize your studying,

  • and making sure that you are able to comprehend all of your material before the big day arrives.

  • For this, you can either use your planner calendar or a custom-made calendar.

  • I like to plan my studying at least two or three weeks before a test or an exam.

  • This may sound exaggerated,

  • but if you start studying ahead of time,

  • you'll be able to manage multiple subjects,

  • your comprehension on your material will be much more extensive,

  • you'll have plenty of time to review and reinforce your knowledge and, finally,

  • you'll reduce your stress levels because you've plenty of time to manage your study with other non-academic tasks.

  • Using a calendar to plan for tests is a great visual reference, so you can keep track of the amount of study you're dedicating to each subject.

  • As well as planning in advance, idle days or days where you can skip certain subjects.

  • Just grab your syllabus or an index with all the chapters and topics you have for each subject and divide them between all the days in your calendar.

  • For complete visual referencing, it's perfect to color code your subjects.

  • That way, you can have an overall understanding of how long it will take for a certain test and how long you'll be studying for it.

  • Isolate the date for test from your calendar and highlight them from the rest of your days.

  • Try to avoid studying further that day.

  • If your test is in the evening, make a quick review if you have the time to.

  • If your test is in the morning, don't get up early to review!

  • You'll need a good night of sleep and reviewing after you wake up will only make you more nervous.

  • Try as much as possible to avoid studying all of your subjects every day.

  • But don't go as far as avoiding one subject for more than two days.

  • That will make slow your study rhythm.

  • Try to coordinate theoretical studying and practical studying.

  • You can organize your calendar and dedicate a few days for each subject, for example, once a week to only solve exercises or mock tests,

  • and interpolate those days with more intensive reading.

  • You can also schedule a study session where you say out loud the contents for a certain subject two or three days before your test.

  • When you say out loud your contents, you get a notion of how prepared or not you are for your test.

  • And if you leave two days between that session and your test, you still have two days to review.

  • I hope you found my tips useful!

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  • Thank you for watching! Bye!

Hello guys!


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カレンダーや学習ガイドを使った複数回の試験の計画の立て方 (How to Plan for Multiple Exams Using a Calendar or Study Guide)

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