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Hi, welcome to my bus.
I show you something.
come in!
This is my tour bus.
Here is Toru, my guitarist.
And he is my bassist. Ryota.ーI am Ryota.
And he is drummer. Tomoya.
Uh we are touring with Sleeping With Sirens
All Time Low and Neck deep right now.
in United States, whole things.
So I am so excited right now.
This TV
is we are not using like game stuff.
Just watching TV all the time.
Like sport, and then
listening to the music like that.
but sometime American band is a lot
using TV games but we are not use.
Here is nothing just water,
and towels, controller.
And here is, can you see that
Here is water. Water drawer.
But not, is empty.
And this is noodle, like cup-noodle stuff
a lot
A bunch stuff.
so many
This is un.. Curry noodles.Udon.
yeah, but actually this is not good.
And un.. yeah this is from Taiwan noodles.
Asian noodle. Miso noodle.
And yeah like that.
Is just Japanese noodle stuff.
And Let's check out here.
This is snack, all snacks.
Like an American snacks.
And this is Japanese squid.
Squid it smell like really really shit.
So you can't eat in the bus.
Cause it smell like shit everywhere.
And Then this is not an snack.
Actually this is not snack, this is fish.
This is Japanese stuff too.
Like なに?ーイワシーcan't explain.
Do you You know ハッピーターン?
This is Japanese traditional like snacks.
But it's really good.
un taste like almost salty.
yeah like that.
And candies, caramel ,beef jerky.
Yeah it is. Alright.
The next one is.
This is the rice?
and noodles.
same, bunch of stuff.
But actually now is the rice is empty.
So just the noodle stuff.
Is same thing.
Let's take a look to fridge.
Like this.
We have a eggs and the tomato sauce
mustard and butter.
And this is my favorite drink.
Is a passionfruit juice, I love it.
And bunch of ham stuff.
Oops salami, this is un sausage thing.
And this is salami too.
turkey breast, yes.
Because we are every morning um
make a sandwich here.
And with avocado, lemon like this.
And I make a coffee everyday.
By yourself, right.
And sometime we make an
rice this.
Use theーなんだっけ、ー電子レンジ
This is really genius stuff.
Just put on the rice.
And then put on water.
And then just use the microwave.
Maybe ten minutes.
Thirty minutes.
And the rice is nice.
Is crazy stuff but amazing.
Here is the same thing like curry stuff.
un yeah this is noodle stuff.
But a lot curry stuff.
Japanese people like
everybody like curry.
We are not Indian but Japanese
This is like Japanese style curry.
Is really good.
All the time we bring to America.
These curry stuff.
And this is un Charlie stuff
My EMO engineer.
He is an vegetarian.
So that is why he can't eat another food.
Like curry, meat and yaeh like snacks.
So this is just Charlie box stuff.
This is normal.
yeah just normal.Toilet.
un actually usually this bus
is full of shoes all the time.
But now is clean it up
for two days ago.
Because you guys coming to
my bus.
un yeah, we have a lot shoes.
Let's check out this
clothes stuff.
A lot clothes stuff.
Like pants, socks, T-shirts.
And the これなんて言うんだっけ
shampoos everything.
And lots supplement, too
clothes stuff.
And the supplements, medicines.
we put on
check it out.
This is medicine stuff.
A lot
When I get sick in this tour.
We can use a lot medicine.
So that's why a lot medicines here.
And this is really interesting.
Un this is an Acupuncture.
When I get sick,
or when I have sore throat
when I get sore throat
I put on just needle
on my throat.
Or like somewhere like
Actually he is
He back is really bad sometime.
And then I put needle on his back,
So this is un I think from Chinese style.
um thank you for checking my bus.
And this is um like
I don't know
Japanese style bus I think
And yeah we are touring
United States right now.
with Sleeping With Sirens
and All Time Low.
And then my new
ONE OK ROCK new album is coming out already
Please check out my homepage
And follow our instgram too.
So please check it out.
And see you soon or see you somewhere.
Thank you.
Does the bear shit in the woods.


【ワンオク】ツアーバス紹介!(ONE OK ROCK - BUS INVADERS Ep. 902)

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