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Hello, and welcome to Seven Steps to Fluency, the Go Natural English way.
This is a method that I've developed over years of experience teaching English as a
second language, and also learning foreign languages myself.
The first step for fluency is to plan your English learning.
Don't simply follow the textbook plan, or even your teacher's plan.
You need to figure out why you are learning English.
You need to think about why you're learning, what you want to say, and with whom you want
to talk. For example, if you want to learn English
so that you can become a doctor, the vocabulary that you're going to study is going to be
very different than if you want English to be able to have a conversation in a bar with
regular people. If you want to learn legal English so that
you can translate in a courtroom, the vocabulary that you're going to learn is going to be
very different. So, the first step to fluency is to actually
think about why you want to learn English and how you want to use it.
So, answer those questions and you will be off to a great start.


Step 1 for Fluent English Listening and Speaking

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