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  • The weirdest misheard lyrics of 2015

  • Hello from the dark side

  • Oh my god. When Kylo Ren... - That was crazy

  • Hey, spoilers, spoilers. - Sorry. -Sorry.

  • Who do you think Rey’s parents are? Ok, so I have a lot

  • You and me we just don’t get along

  • You make me feel like a digimon

  • Digimon are the champions.

  • I only fuck you when it’s hot outside.

  • But I’m horny.

  • Well, it’s winter

  • Should we go? -No

  • You stay.

  • In the club like whoa

  • We be in the potty in the club like

  • whoa

  • Now I’m four five seconds

  • From whinin

  • I’m bored - I’m hungry.

  • This joke sucks.

  • I’m farting carrots.

  • On my god.

  • I’m farting carrots.

  • Oh shit. They're real carrots.

  • Oh my god.

  • Again, again. Oh, Jesus.

  • To see that ass one more time

  • And I got the soda

  • It’s so hard to sleep

  • I’ve got the shits on the floor

  • You know what I mean.

  • Oh no. This relationship is broken.

  • We really should go.

  • -NO. You will stay and sing.

  • You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe.

  • Chicken falling onto monkeys. -What?

  • Cause I just need one more shot

  • Half a Guinness

  • Oh ah oh ah

  • Focus

  • Fire a gun

  • Oh my shit

  • Shhh.

  • Don’t tell your mother.

  • Fish in the cupboard.

  • Ooh wash me wash me

  • Ooh wash me

  • Now do my stanky leg

  • Now do my stanky leg. -Gross.

  • Now do my stanky leg -Fine.

  • Now do my stanky leg

  • Love me like a dude. - Did you just say dude?

  • Lo- lo love me like a dude.

  • Touch me like a dude.

  • Tou- tou me like a dude -I want a divorce.

  • Say you will remember me.

  • Standing in an ice chest.

  • Staring at the sunset babe

  • Please welcome to the 1989 world tour stage, my very best friend: Ashly Perez, Quinta Brunso, and Ella Mielniczenko

  • Cause baby now we got bed bugs

  • Hey, don’t hit me, Eugene -Alright. - Don't worry about it.

  • Okay. Oh god.

  • Oh sorry ass carrots all over you.

The weirdest misheard lyrics of 2015


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2015年の奇妙な聞き間違い歌詞 (Weirdest Misheard Lyrics Of 2015)

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