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  • Majority of my childhood was always within the water.

  • There's nothing worse than being out there surrounded by plastic.

  • I was a product designer in another life.

  • It was my job to make plastic products.

  • And after a while, I realized that we didn't know stuff that I was making and so I stopped.

  • I met Andrew and he told me about this project and I just clicked.

  • For me, the project was amazing.

  • We could have a better time at the beach, because we're not swimming in plastic and pollution anymore.

  • We even ate better because the fish were healthier.

  • The marinas, ports and yacht clubs are the perfect place for the seabin.

  • There's no massive ocean storms.

  • It's a controlled environment.

  • It catches everything floating in the water.

  • Plastic bottle, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Another good thing with the location of the seabin,

  • is that people can see what they're catching, what they're swimming in.

  • It's been a big change in our life.

  • We quit our jobs. We've taken all of our money. And we put our hearts and souls into making this happen.

  • One of their goals is to make the seabin from our own plastics,

  • to create another seabin, to capture more, it's a domino effect.

  • The second goal is to create a world where we don't need the seabin.

  • Imagine that we have a pollution-free ocean for our future generations.

Majority of my childhood was always within the water.


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シービンプロジェクト|水中自動マリーナごみ収集機 (The Seabin Project | In-Water Automated Marina Rubbish Collector)

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