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  • This is how people without children leave the house

  • Shall we leave the house?

  • Yes

  • This is how I leave the house almost every day

  • Lucas!! Oscar!!

  • Come downstairs!!

  • Were late!!

  • Why aren't you downstairs?

  • Put your shoes on

  • "I don't know where my shoes are"

  • Put your shoes on, go and find your shoes

  • Where did you see them last?

  • "On my feet"

  • After that?

  • Get your shoes on

  • Come here, come here, arms up arms up, arms in, arms in, arms up, arms up, arms in.

  • That's my wife, she's so tired that she can't dress herself

  • "Arms in? What arms darling?" "Where are we going? I want to go to bed"

  • Darling you have got Luca's shoes on your hands

  • I found your shoes darling

  • You put your shoes on

  • Wheres Ozy?

  • Come downstairs, were late!

  • Put your coat on

  • "I don't want to wear my coat"

  • You know people without children how they do the zips up. I have seen how much time

  • that you have in your lives.

  • How you focus on it

  • You pause, thinking about your free life and what you might do later that day.

  • Do you think that I have time for that shit in my life?

  • Every single morning

  • Stay still

  • You are going to have to put a new coat on I can't I have ruined the zip, I have ruined

  • the zip. I'm sorry I have made the situation worse.

  • Ozy!!

  • My three year old will never come downstairs.

  • The only way to get him to leave the house is to bluff, we have to pretend we are leaving

  • without him

  • It's the only way it will work and we all have to go "Bye bye Ozy" "Were all going then"

  • My other son loves it the six year old loves it

  • "We leaving Ozy, he going to stay here?"

  • "I hate him, I hate him"

  • Don't be so rude about your brother

  • Say good bye, were not really leaving were pretending to leave okay? Say good bye

  • "Bye bye Ozy, bye bye"

  • He doesn't care, he just goes

  • "Bye bye"

  • Then we have to come back in and explain to him that were not really leaving.

  • We love you and it's okay, I will buy you something if you come. Will you come if I

  • buy you something?

  • This is every single time we leave the house

  • The other day we are leaving the house and I just had enough I just say to my wife I'm

  • sorry I can't do this.

  • Were bluffing, were saying bye bye to him and my wife says "Lets go and get him"

  • I say stop! No, No I can not go through this every single time we leave the house. It's

  • driving me insane.

  • Okay I say, I say we call his bluff I think he has to learn a lesson okay?

  • Lets go, lets just go to Corfu lets have a nice holiday

This is how people without children leave the house


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マイケル・マッキンタイア 子供がいるときに家を出ようとすると (Michael McIntyre Trying to leave the house when you have kids)

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