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  • advertising is not just about getting your ad in front of as many people as

  • possible

  • successful advertising is about getting your business

  • and your message in front of people who are ready to buy your products or

  • services

  • the problem with most forms of advertising is that a large proportion

  • of the people who see your ass

  • will never be interested what you have to offer you're literally throwing a big

  • chunk of your advertising budget

  • right side the doesn't it therefore makes sense to go where potential

  • customers are

  • floor right now that is on the second most visited place on earth

  • Facebook Facebook has nearly $1 billion registered users worldwide

  • in fact run out of every nine people on earth now has a Facebook account

  • and fifty percent of them long gone every single day

  • but let's get real because it's not just about the numbers

  • you see on Mike regular advertising Facebook users are not title

  • they're there to post talk about share

  • and even recommend to their favorite products and services

  • unlike the offline world you can only communicate with one or two friends at a

  • time

  • Facebook allows users to instantly share their message and thoughts with hundreds

  • of friends all at once

  • according to Facebook the average user now has 130 friends

  • that's 130 people they can recommend your business to

  • with just the click of a button I'm sure you see how quickly your message can

  • spread

  • one of the other great things about Facebook is it allows you to pinpoint

  • your target demographic

  • exclude everyone else you can advertise based on age

  • location personal interests income level

  • education and so on this means your message only ever get shown to those

  • people who are truly

  • interest is your products or services but that's not all

  • Facebook also allows you to have a two-way conversation with your customers

  • allowing them to give you direct feedback and suggestions

  • even reviews about your business something advertisers could only dream

  • about five to ten years ago

  • with Facebook you don't use game leads for your business

  • you build a real relationship which develops more of your customers

  • into repeat buyers so how can a business like yours take advantage of Facebook

  • right away

  • first and foremost you need is set up for Facebook fan page

  • this is free to do and we can help me with this a fan page is simply a page on

  • Facebook

  • that represents your business think a bit like your storefront

  • it's where customers hang out interact with one another and you also interact

  • with all your customers

  • second your customers to like enjoying your fan page

  • you'll find as more and more people join your message will spread your page will

  • continue to grow

  • all by itself third and totally optional

  • you can create Facebook adds to help drive new in highly targeted customers

  • to your fan page

  • it really is that simple Facebook

  • is now the safest and easiest way the ticket

  • real results from your advertising dollars contact us today

  • and we will help keep your Facebook Fan Page poppin running so you can start

  • growing your business

  • and connecting with your customers right away you got nothing to lose

  • only more customers to gain contact us right now

  • duh

advertising is not just about getting your ad in front of as many people as


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