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- Hi. - Hi. Sorry l'm late.
Bollocksed up at work again, l fear.
- Millions down the drain. - Well done.
- Bernie, this is Anna. - Hello, Anna. Delighted to meet you.
-And you. -Honey bunny, Happy birthday to you
- Hi, Bella. - Hi.
Um, it-- it-- it's a hat. You don't have to wear it or anything.
- Hi, Will. - Hi.
- Hi. - What ?
- Wine, Bernie ? - Mm.
You haven't slept with her, have you ?
That is a cheap question, and the answer is, or course, no comment.
- No comment means "yes." - No, it doesn't.
- Do you ever masturbate ? - Definitely no comment.
- You see, it means "yes." - Oh, my God !
So, uh, tell me, um, Anna, what do you do ?
- l'm an actress. - Oh, splendid.
What do you do ?
l'm actually in the stock market myself, so, uh, not really similar fields.
Though, um-- um, l have done the odd bit of amateur stuff.
Um-- uh, P. G. Wodehouse. Farce, all that, you know.
"Careful there, Vicar."
Always imagined it's a pretty tough job, though, acting.
- The wages are a scandal, aren't they ? - They can be.
l see friends from university-- clever chaps.
Been in the business longer than you.
They're scraping by on seven, eight thousand a year.
You know, it's no life.
- What sort of acting do you do ? - Films, mainly.
Oh, splendid. Oh, well done. How's the pay in movies ?
l mean, last film you did, what did you get paid ?
Fifteen million dollars.
So that's, well, fairly good.
Right, l think we're ready.


Notting Hill (6/10) Movie CLIP - What Do You Do? (1999) HD

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