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-Today we're talking about the newest Star Wars movie. -May the force be with you. Let's talk about that vid.
-Hey you're watching VidTalk on VoiceTube TV. I'm JR, -I'm Ray.
And the reason you're here watching VidTalk tonight is because you didn't get tickets for the latest Star Wars movie didn't you?
-Which premiers tonight. -That is right. And the only reason why we're here is because we have to do this show, reluctantly.
Just kidding we love to be with you guys.
-The newest movie it's called, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. -Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
But before we go into that let me lay out some of the foundation for you because Star Wars, it is a huge franchise.
Right now we have two trilogies, that means namely six episodes.
And all the stories start a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.
That is the classic opening line.
Right so this series, it's kinda like a sci-fi futuristic concept where we have the good and the evil being the Jedi and the Sith.
And all the story revolves around one main character called Anakin Skywalker who was raised to be a hero, raised to be a Jedi.
But then fell and became a Sith, namely the famous Darth Vader.
-I find your lack of faith disturbing. -Yeah that's one of his classic lines.
And this is one of his classic moves. The death choke.
Oh I enjoyed that.
I find your lack of faith disturbing.
So this new episode and it's a sequel. It picks up 30 years after Darth Vader was defeated and what's interesting...
-Hey it's time to wake up. You can revive now. You actually fell asleep. -No I did not. -Yes you did. You fell asleep at work. I'm gonna tell our boss!
What's fun about this instalment is, they're bringing back the original cast.
And you probably know by now, they've brought back Harrison Ford who's playing Han Solo.
And you also get to see Chewbacca in the trailer. You don't see a trace of him aging at all.
-How do Wookies age anyways? -They lose hair? -They get bald spots? That's interesting.
We don't know. We don't get to see it in the trailer. You'll have to find out yourself.
They've also brought back Princess Leia, who's played by Carrie Fisher in 1977.
Also Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker, they're all back in this instalment.
Which is really exciting and what's interesting is, in the story, they're actually supposed to be 30 years older.
-But that's also in real life, true. -In real life it's true cos the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope was filmed in 1977, so they're actually thirty years older.
They can save some budget in the aging make up department, it's their actual age. They're actually that old.
You can definitely see Harrison Ford getting a little bit up there.
But anyways in this new instalment they've also got a new actress. It's a girl this time. And her name is Rey.
-Ray? I'm a boy. -No, I wouldn't picture you with a lightsaber.
So it is a girl, her name is Rey and it is spelled Rey instead of your Ray.
So Rey she is a female human scavenger, her parents are unknown, she was left on a junkyard planet when she was really young,
and all we know is this, in this new movie she is going to be the leading character
and she is going to somehow bring the balance to the good and evil, the force.
So is she like a Jedi? Cos we don't get to see it in the trailer.
Right, we don't see her wielding a lightsaber, but all we know is this: some things are bound to go down around her.
You probably need to get tickets to find out yourself.
And there's a new villain in this episode too. You get to see it in the trailer, it's this villain looking at what seems to be
the remains of Darth Vader's mask, and he says "I will finish what you started".
-Oh the dark side is coming back. -The dark side is back!
-No, it's not working this time. -I've lost it! Dang. Anyways.
Let's just refresh your memory of the original trilogy, way back in time, and we're gonna play a little game right here called Fact or Fake.
I wanna challenge Ray to this too, so let's do this. Fact or Fake.
Okay welcome to our little part of the show, which is called Fact or Fake, I'm gonna challenge Ray with a series of questions on Star Wars.
And if you're a diehard fan of Star Wars, I doubt you're gonna get these questions right. Cos this is really hard!
-It's really tricky? -Anyways, it's always fifty fifty right? -Right so I'm just gonna go with chance. -Either right or wrong.
Okay so here it goes, I've got five questions and you can play along too, if you win, we don't have a prize for you.
-Alright question number one, are you ready for this. -Yup.
Do you know the movie E.T.? Extraterrestrial? You probably know that movie too.
E.T.'s alien species were shown in parts of the Star Wars movies.
-Like in a cameo? -Yeah like a cameo.
Do you have any other information, like which episode, how many times did he appear.
Well of course, it's a cameo so it's not much, not many times, but I'm not gonna tell you.
-There's a lot of different extraterrestrial species in Star Wars. -Yeah there's the Wookies, there's all kinds of alien species.
-I don't know, true? -True? -Yeah I guess. -You sure? Don't wanna change your answer?
-Yeah true, whatever. -The force is strong in this one. You got it right!
-It's really inside... -E.T. actually did appear in Star Wars. They made a cameo, it's actually in Episode one, The Phantom Menace.
And their species actually has a name, they're called Asogians.
-That's a fun fact. -Yeah that's a really fun fact.
Dang you got that right, so one point for Ray. Dang I hate that. It's okay we got four more to go, still has a long journey ahead.
Question number two, you know Chewbacca, Han Solo's friend, hairy.
Chewbacca's voice was voiced by Seth Rogan.
-Who's Seth Rogan? -The Green Hornet star.
-Oh, Seth Rogan. -He played with Jay Chou. Green Hornet? What is that again? -The Green Hornet.
-But I thought Chewbacca's voice was like a mumbled like bwrbwrbwr. -Erghrghrghrgh. Is that how you do it?
And it's voiced by Seth Rogan? Would they have Seth Rogan voice such a insignificant, well he's not insignificant but...
-No Chewbacca is really a very important character. -It's a vital role but... I don't know, true?
-Sounds realistic to me. -Seth Rogan can do the Erghrghrghrgh, okay. -I have no idea, true!
-You don't wanna change your answer? The answer is, wrong! -Oh, it's fake.
-Who is it? -I made that up. I feel so proud now. -I don't know I have no idea.
Here's the fact: Chewbacca's voice is a mix of bears, walruses, lions, badgers, and other dying animals.
-Dying animals? -So actually Chewbacca is dying. -Every time he speaks, he's dying.
-Dying animals, that's kind of weird! -How would they record it too! Did they have to kill one and then record their voice?
-Kill a walrus, wargharghargh. -That is a mystery. -That's actually funny.
-So one for me one for JR. -Yeah!
Question number three. This is about Master Yoda. The force is strong in this one.
-Yoda was originally set to be played by a monkey. -A monkey? Wait set to be played. So is it actually a monkey in the film?
No he was originally set to be played by a monkey but in the end they forsook that plan.
But the monkey's stature would be around Yoda' stature, and he did make some jumbly fumbly moves in the movie.
-Sure about this one, I am not. That's the way Yoda speaks right? -Sure about this one, I am not.
Whatever, fact. I'm just gonna go with fact for every single question because I have no idea.
How about you guys? Fact or fake? Monkey playing Yoda. Wouldn't that be blasphemy?
We're not even sure what Yoda is. What kind of species?
Right that is actually true, cos in the movie, they never mention about his species.
-Yeah what is he? -He may be the last one of his species. He's near extinct. -A deformed, mutated monkey.
-Well the answer is right! -Oh nice! -No!
In fact, George Lucas originally planned for Yoda to be played by an adorable monkey.
-Apparently monkeys are too hard to control, so... -Yeah technical difficulties made him...
And he had to do those lightsaber fighting scenes, how would he do that?
-Give him a banana for it instead of a lightsaber. -(monkey noises).
-It is a fact! -Yeah two for me! -Two for you we got two more questions to go. I still have a chance of reversing this.
Hopefully, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. God bless me.
Question number four. While filming lightsaber fight scenes. Ewin McGregor, who played Obiwan Kenobi in his early ages.
-He would get so carried away making his own sound of the lightsaber. -Fact! That sounds so true.
Well hear out the question though, it sounded so realistic that they actually had him do the special effect afterwards and mixed it up for production.
That is hilarious. Wait hold on, wouldn't his lips show if he's doing the lightsaber scenes and his lips are synced with the sound,
-Wouldn't it be weird? -Yeah, but that's what it says here so, fact or fake?
-They would ask him to come into the studio to do those special... -But that's post production.
-I'm gonna stick with my plan today, just fact. -You're gonna go with all fact? -Just fact yeah.
-But it does sound true to you right? -That sounds true to me yeah.
But it's fake. Yeah!
-You're really good at coming up with these really realistic... -(singing) -It's now 2 to 2 tied.
So the truth is, it's actually based on a truth, I just twisted it. The truth is he would really get so carried away making those sound effects.
So the production team would have to take it off, they had to cut it out. Every time.
-Wouldn't his lips show though? -I don't know how he does it. -He should have like a stern face when he's fighting.
-Really subtle, like holding it back. -I can picture the production team "Damn you Ewin! Stop making those noises!"
They had to cut out a lot of usable footage because his lips were showing. That is crazy.
-That's a fun trivia. -Yeah, fun trivia. -Yeah but I got you.
-So it's 2 to 2! -That' s a very close game. Down to the last question. -So this is the final showdown. I'm gonna totally beat you in this last question.
Cos this is really hard. Question number five. Yoda has three toes.
Yoda has three toes. That is a very interesting question, who would look at his toes? Who on earth...
But here is a good clue I just thought of. So we have matching fingers to toes, so we have five fingers and five toes.
I would think, I would assume that Yoda has matching toes to his fingers.
But you gotta consider the fact that we're humans, they're aliens.
That is true, but according to this logic, I remember Yoda having four fingers. Like this.
-May the force be with you. -So I'm gonna say... -The force is strong in this one.
You said what three toes? I'm gonna say fact, this is not. -Fact this is not? -So fake!
-You sure. You don't wanna change your answer? -No I think he has four toes, matching his fingers.
-So the true answer is... do we need a punishment for this? -I don't know, let's hear the answer for this first and then decide.
The answer is, depending on what movie you're watching, Yoda has different number of toes.
That is a trick question! What! I'm right though. I'm still right though!
-So he has four toes? -He had... well okay. The answer is, in the Phantom Menace, which is the first episode, Yoda had three toes.
But in the original trilogy, in the Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Revenge of the Sith, he had four toes.
Okay but according to the ratio though, one to three right? He's more likely to be four-toed. It's more orthodox.
-It's like a mystery... -Let's just call it a tie. -Yeah let's just call it a tie. -No one gets punished.
-But if you lost to our game, punish yourself at home. -Send us a movie ticket. -Or a clip of your punishment.
-That's a fun game. -Okay anyways, that's a tie for today that was really fun. I stayed up all night coming up with these questions just to beat you.
Anyways I hope you guys get to see the movie in the theaters, once again it's called "The Force Awakens".
And now it's time for our challenge of the week! Watch this clip, it's the trailer, and we'll come back with our challenge.
Who are you?
I'm no one.
I was raised to do one thing.
But I've got nothing to fight for.
Nothing will stand in our way.
I will finish what you started.
The dark side, the Jedi, they're real.
The force, it's calling to you.
Welcome to the Weekly Challenge section of VidTalk. Now we've shown you the trailer it's very exciting isn't it.
-Oh it gets you all pumped up. -It's epic. And we are going to look at one particular sentence and have you make a sentence out of it.
And this phrase we're looking at today is: Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started.
We're trying to look at the phrase "stand in someone's way" right here.
-So what does that mean JR? -Well it could go either physically or metaphorically.
So physically if someone is standing in your way, like a good dog shouldn't block people.
-Hey get out of my way! -It's like someone who's really fat, overweight. He's in the pavement.
Well in that case it's "Hey either lose some weight or get outta my way!" Don't say that, it's cruel.
I have these cruel things in my mind. I'm subjected to the dark side now!
You're subjected to the dark side, I'm a representative of the light side, but I'm laughing at your jokes.
But anyways, physically it can be someone's blocking you.
But metaphorically, it could mean that someone is stopping you from doing something. Get out of my way!
So I can say, I wanted to lose weight, but McDonalds is standing in my way.
-Doesn't that always happen? -Yeah, candy is standing in my way, cakes are standing in my way.
-Just by saying that you're gonna offend a lot of people out there cos you're skinny. -I don't mean any offense.
So try to make a sentence with that and leave it in the comment section down below and you can also tell us how excited you are for the new movie.
That is right, leave your comments below and we will come back with your comments next week.
That's right and that is a wrap for VidTalk today.
Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing this video!
And remember to subscribe to VoiceTube TV right up here and come back every single Thursday night for a new episode of VidTalk.
That is correct, and if you want to subscribe to us you can subscribe to rayduenglish right down here,
-actually it goes as far as the screen here I think, -and jrleeradio right here. -so subscribe over here and here... -Stop touching the table!
And right now let's go to the comments left by you guys in our last episode.
Right here are your comments from last week and last week we challenged you with the phrase "keep in mind", what does it mean Ray?
-To remember something important. -Keep in mind, okay.
So we've got five comments right here and these are really serious comments. Like they're out from a textbook or something.
Right, they treat their homework very seriously.
So let's start from this, this is from Xie Jiu Yin. She said, "Keep in mind that you should practice English everyday. As the saying goes, use it or lose it."
-Can't agree more! -Perfect sentence, I feel like crying. -Let's go to the next one.
Next one is keenbin ong, he sounds like he's from Singapore? Ong? That's where you're from.
She said "Keep in mind that you have to let go of what's gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what comes next.
-That sounds like it comes from a poem. -Or the Bible or something. -It's so poetic. -It's so deep, so not us. -Let's go to the next one.
Jenny Yo! Yo Jenny. Check this out. She said "Keep in mind that good things take time."
-That's a very common saying, a good one. -That's why VidTalk takes time too.
Okay, Truman Edward said "Keep in mind that Rome wasn't built in a day, if I want to master English, I must be patient day in day out, learning and practicing everyday. Fighting.
These four sentences, it's perfect sentences. What are we doing here?
-I don't know I feel meaningless now. -You guys should be the host. -Wanna host this show? -Contact us right down here. -We're still hiring...
-And we have one final sentence. -Are we gonna lose our jobs? One final sentence right here.
Chang Cheng Yu said "Keep in mind I have to watch VidTalk on Tuesday, by the way I'm trying to make a sentence here. I feel more confident."
-And by the way, it's Thursday. -Yes we chose your sentence to correct you. -So that people don't get confused. It's Thursday. -VidTalks on Thursdays.
Alright but those are the comments for this week, and we're happy to have your comments every single week.
As we just mentioned, leave you comments for this week's challenge below in the comment section.
-Once again, I'm JR, -I'm Ray, -And we'll talk to you next time.



VidTalk // Star Wars The Force Awakens

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