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  • So laggggg

  • Can Ezreal win?

  • After Ramble Jungle ...

  • What's his new legend?

  • Dash to me

  • Dash to me!

  • I just thought should I use black shield on you...

  • But I thought you could dodge it

  • I really think Vayne is hard to play well

  • WOW the kick

  • I wanna easily kill this Vayne

  • Don't kidding me

  • Complacent ^Q^

  • I was looking at chatting room

  • I am so sorry to you all

  • Vote song to sing

  • Sincerely

  • I have played LOL so long time but

  • I have never duo rank with GIRLS

  • Really

  • So I am the only streamer in Taiwan without jizz girls in LOL

So laggggg


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天神シリーズ #09 あなたはみんな87 (天神系列#09 你們全部都是87 You are all 87)

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