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  • COMM: The world's tallest woman has undergone

  • surgery to prevent her being paralysed and going blind. Siddiqa Parveen, who is estimated

  • to be seven foot eight inches tall, was taken to New Delhi's All India Institute of Medical

  • Sciences, for the removal of a tumour on her pituitary gland which was causing her rapid

  • growth.

  • DOCTOR: There's a limit to what the body can

  • do, she would have decompensated, there would have been more fractures, and usually these

  • patents can die of cardiomyopathy, heart failure. During surgery to remove the tumour we used

  • the best, the most high tech endoscopes.

  • COMM: Twenty six year old Siddiqa, from a

  • remote village in West Bengal, has suffered from the form of giantism from the age of

  • fifteen. In 2013, she was recognised by Guinness as the world's tallest living woman.

  • COMM: But the condition has had serious effects

  • on her health, as she began to lose sight, and was suffering from fractures in her spine.

  • After being admitted to hospital in January of this year, Siddiqa's size presented many

  • challenges for the doctors.

  • DOCTOR: During surgery we required bigger

  • tubes and even the BP cuff, the blood pressure cuff, which is used for a thigh, is used for

  • a normal thigh we used on her arm because her arm was so huge. Post operatively it was

  • another challenge to manage her in the intensive care, again a six feet bed which had to be

  • reinforced.

  • COMM: Following the surgery, Siddiqa will

  • remain under the watchful eye of doctors.

  • DOCTOR: She has a big body, but a very weak

  • body, So she requires a lot of rehabilitation.

  • COMM: But they hope over time the fractures

  • to her spine caused by the crushing weight will heal, and improve her quality of life.


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世界一背の高い女性が救命手術を受ける (World's Tallest Woman Undergoes Life Saving Surgery)

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