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  • Well, hello again, Yoshiki.

  • One question about the band's sound style.

  • A lot of people wonder if you still fit in Visual Kei, or if it's post-Visual Kei or something else.

  • How the band faces this question?

  • I know musicians don't like this genre thing, but...

  • How do you see X-Japan's style today?

  • Carrying on the question about style...

  • You're currently finishing up a new album,

  • and, at the same time, are in an world tour.

  • With this cultural shock from other audiences,

  • how does that influence the band's new work?

  • Hi, Yoshiki.

  • After so much time without playing with the band,

  • you had any difficulties getting together with the other members?

  • Carrying on his question,

  • hide did a lot of songs, composed, right.

  • I'd like to know, how was to compose without him, new songs.

  • The new influences...

  • How did you managed that without him?

  • [Question: How SUGIZO acts in composing?]

  • But what about the composing?

  • Good evening. I'd like to know about the song "Art of Life",

  • which is a song that's different from the X repertory, because it has half an hour in duration.

  • When did you feel that you were ready,

  • as an artist,

  • to compose a song that magnificent.

  • And from where did you get the inspiration for both the lyrics and melody.

  • Good evening.

  • I'd like to know your opinion about the Japanese music evolution,

  • since the creation of the band...

  • The evolution of the Japanese music overseas, the acceptance...

  • Since the time when the band was created until now, especially in Brazil.

  • Thank you a lot for seeing us in here, despite of having so much to do.

  • Until now, have you been receiving lots of messages from the Brazilian fans?

  • Yes.

  • Mostly through my twitter, @YoshikiOfficial

  • And when I talk to the Brazilian fans,

  • their reaction is the greatest in the world.

  • It's really cool.

  • And because of that only, I couldn't wait to come to Brazil.

  • I was happy with so much love.

  • Good evening. First of all, welcome to Brazil.

  • I'd like to know if you have any influence, in your songs, from brazilian music.

  • If you know any band, any Brazilian song,

  • that you used in compositions or you like.

  • I'd like to know what you're expecting from the public, that's surely different

  • from Americans, Japanese, if you think that it will be different playing on Brazil.

Well, hello again, Yoshiki.


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