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- What is that thing?
It looks creepy.
(Upbeat music)
- [Girl] This looks like Ramen.
- This tastes just like Ramen noodles.
- I don't really like them.
- It's good.
- It's really good.
- I'd give it a two out of five.
- Two?
- I give this a five.
- I definitely don't want to eat that again.
- Can I take these home with me?
- In the shape of koala!
- Mmm
- Mmm
- I like that one.
- I was even thinking they can make these in California.
- And I bit off his poor little head.
I'm sorry.
- I would love this as my dessert.
It's really good.
- It tastes like a chocolate Rice Krispy.
- It tastes like milk chocolate.
It's really, really good.
- I don't like the taste.
- It's five out of five.
- I'll give this a five.
- It is five out of five.
- [Boy] I've never eaten anything flavored like eucalyptus.
- Woah! That smells like soap.
- I'm scared to eat these because you don't know
if this is poisonous for humans in California.
- Can I just do one little bite?
- Oh! That's horrible.
- I
think it's pretty good,
but also kind of not.
- If I were a koala, I wouldn't really
like to eat eucalyptus.
- I really like this one.
- Veggie what?
- Oh! I've heard of this.
Is it Vegemite?
- Bleh, I do not like the Vegemite.
- So this doesn't really pleasant me.
- Spicy, weird butter.
- It's really sour.
- Hmm
- Oh that's too horrible.
- I like the chocolate.
- [Voiceover] You think that taste like chocolate?
- Is it like fudge or something?
What is it?
- [Voiceover] Vegemite.
- Vegemite. It's good.
Vegemite's good.
- I think Australian snacks are actually good,
but when you look at the bag, it doesn't really look good,
but then when you try it, it's good.
That's why they say don't judge the book by its cover.
- [Voiceover] Do you know most Australian kids
eat Vegemite on toast everyday?
- [Girl in blue shirt] They do?
Well probably out there, they probably like it,
but not people here.
Probably some people here like it,
but me, I don't.


アメリカの子どもがオーストラリアのお菓子を食べてみた (American Kids Taste Test Australian School Snacks)

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