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  • As an almost adult, man I gotta say, I would do anything to get nap time back. But are

  • there some ways acting like a child, can make life better as an adult.

  • Hey guys Julia here for DNews

  • Well I now have to cut the crusts off my own pb&js but life is going pretty okay as adult.

  • I do miss some things, like recess and naps, but lately research is showing that bringing

  • back certain kid’s games can do grown ups some good.

  • Because researchers can never take things too seriously, two researchers defined adult

  • playfulness as “a predisposition to define and engage in activities in a non-serious

  • or fanciful manner to increase enjoyment.” Veryplayful, guys.

  • And grown ups do this all the time. We go out for karaoke, we ski, we improv, whatever.

  • So why do we keep up the games? Well some research suggests it could help us find a

  • mate. One study published in the American Journal of Play found that playfulness was

  • important in partner selection. Participants filled out a survey of desired traits in a

  • partner, and traits like 'sense of humor,' 'fun loving' and 'playful' topped both men

  • and women’s lists. The researchers suggested this means these traits arose from sexual

  • selection. And that maybe playfulness in men suggested to women that they were less aggressive

  • and playfulness in women suggested to men that they were healthy, youthful and maybe

  • fertile.

  • So what kind of activities do adultsplay”? Well skiing was researched in a study published

  • in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life. The researchers found that skiing

  • had high rates of engagement and involvement. Engagement in this case meaning, you get so

  • into doing a thing, you lose sense of everything else around you. You get lost in it. Involvement

  • in this case is how much that activity gives you a sense

  • of meaning and a sense of being a part of something greater than yourself.

  • The researchers suggest that like participating in fun activities like skiing with high engagement

  • and involvement helps people grow emotionally and socially. One of the researchers said

  • that "Adult playfulness can influence people's happiness...and contribute to overall well-being,”

  • Which can buffer us from life’s stresses.

  • But if you want to find some peace and don’t have any ski slopes near you, maybe you should

  • pick up a coloring book. One of the most popular adult play activities lately is coloring.

  • Not your typical, princess style book either. Oh no, these coloring books are complex and

  • intricate. These patterns repeat and weave across the page. These kind of books are helping

  • tons of people de-stress and relax. Research like one study published in the journal Palliative

  • & Supportive Care shows that making art can often help those who deal with stress and

  • anxiety and improves coping resources. Yet facing a blank page can be daunting. Where

  • do you even start? But coloring books give us a way into our creativity without seeming

  • overwhelming. The lines guide us and all we have to choose is what color the next flower

  • will be.

  • It’s definitely an engaging task that helps us leave our stress behind. Psychologists

  • say that coloring has a calming effect. Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala told the Huffington

  • Post thatThe relaxation that it provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, a basic

  • part of our brain involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress.

  • So play does all sorts of things for us as adults! It helps us focus, helps us destress,

  • and of course it could even help us land the one. So go outside and play!

  • After a ten-year wait, the all-new Tacoma is finally here. It’s been fully redesigned

  • to play whenever and wherever you want.The new Toyota Tacoma encourages you to break the rules, and PLAY NOW.

As an almost adult, man I gotta say, I would do anything to get nap time back. But are


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