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  • I get more a** than a toilet seat

  • Cops let me sing in the f***ing street

  • My life is an endless buffet of hoes

  • Been a pimp ever since my voice got low

  • Christmas is a time for charity

  • So I'mma let you sit somewhat close to me

  • I could be partying with hookers and blow

  • Instead I'm here with you on the down low

  • With you

  • Slummin' with you

  • Hey you! You're only a two

  • We're dating on the down low maybe

  • You don't need that seat in front of the fire

  • You can stay warm with your spare tire

  • Don't know why your self esteem is low

  • Be sure to duck down if you see my bros

  • My Christmas list has a wish to make you cuter

  • Just like the chicks that were down at Hooters

  • Here comes one now you gotta go!

  • No wait, stay here and hold the mistletoe

  • Ew, I stepped in some poop

  • Would you scrape off my shoes? They're new!

  • You look like you're going to throw up

  • Watch the Jordans yo!

  • Jesus was born in a barn

  • Could you get out and push the car?

  • We're making a left on the interstate

  • Why do you complain so much?

  • Your butt looks big with that crutch

  • Don't forget we're going Dutch

  • Did I mention that it's Christmas?

  • I can't decide which girl I like best

  • Maybe I should have you fight to the death

  • I know I don't treat you like I should

  • But I send you an autograph and it's all good

  • You are not the girl that I prefer

  • When I go out with her you can be the chauffeur

  • Here come a turn, hey where did you go?!

  • I never really learned to drive, Oh no!

  • That was totally rude. Who are you?

  • Paternity suit? I'm screwed!

  • Let's keep this on the down low baby

  • Hello? Hello?

  • Yo! How do you make the phone call someone back?

  • Hmm. What would Aquaman do in this situation?

I get more a** than a toilet seat


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