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  • I chose Montreal to study here because I can speak more than one language.

  • The city never stops; it is so full of life.

  • I think it's an awesome place,

  • and I am here to improve my English and to learn French.

  • We can enjoy beautiful architecture and beautiful scenery as well.

  • I can meet a lot of people from different countries,

  • because here it's like, multicultural.

  • Everyone is so happy, everyone is so beautiful.

  • So, it's awesome, I am loving it.

  • Actually, I am getting in love with Montreal.

  • ILSC location,I think, is the best.

  • It's in the middle of Montreal,

  • everything is really close.

  • There is a lot of nice places to go,

  • good restaurants, pubs.

  • When I came first time, I couldn't speak English.

  • Now I have been there for 6 months,

  • I think I have improved a lot.

  • The teachers at ILSC are very knowledgeable and friendly.

  • All of them. They are so nice and so kind.

  • They really care about us.

  • Sometimes I feel like they are not my teachers, they are my friends.

  • I learned a lot of vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading that I will need for university.

  • We can learn here in school, and we can learn outside the school.

  • Because they have a lot of activities.

  • I strongly recommend to come to ILSC-Montreal,

  • because all the students and teachers are very friendly and so helpful.

  • If you really want to study and you want to have fun at the same time, come to ILSC to study.

I chose Montreal to study here because I can speak more than one language.


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