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  • You might have noticed we have a slight obsession with gummy

  • at Vat19.

  • Want to party your socks off?

  • We've got you covered.

  • But sometimes you just want to sit home

  • and enjoy a quiet evening in.

  • For these occasions, we offer big gummy bears.

  • Big gummy bears are neither too small nor too big.

  • At 18 times the size of a regular gummy bear,

  • they're just the right size to keep as an adorable pet,

  • practicing new skills, marshal your troops,

  • or perform awesome science experiments.

  • But why would you?

  • The American-made bear is too delicious not to eat,

  • and at 162 calories per bear, they make a perfect snack.

  • Since each pack contains six bears,

  • you get to sample several delicious flavors.

  • Now you've got a tough choice, share these just right size

  • snacks, or keep them all to yourself.

  • No, no, these are my gummy bears.

  • Back up, you back up, these are mine.

  • We'll leave that up to you.

  • Uh.

  • Not too large, not too small, big gummy bears.

  • Goldilocks approved.

  • Buy them now at


You might have noticed we have a slight obsession with gummy


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ビッググミベアは通常のグミベアの18倍の大きさ (Big Gummy Bears are 18 times larger than regular gummi bears)

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