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I'm very interested in the things that you use every day
I mean, literally, if you do a list of the things you touch
and use every day
it's so fascinating how many of them are badly designed
You know, we put so much attention into big buildings or fancy chairs
but in fact if you look at that list
of the things you touch every day
there's quite a lot of work to be done
Not here, but in the rest of that list
So, this glass is designed by Ingegerd Råman
Swedish glass and ceramics designer
It was designed in 1961
Its imperfection is a large part of its perfection
It's not quite straight even though it's a modern shape
It is exactly the right dimensions for what it needs to do
in terms of the width of the top and the base
Its tactility in your hand, its weight
the lip is gently rounded so it doesn't cut
You're putting it in your mouth It's a very intimate act
So all of those things have been considered
and it has a softness, a care
and you know that somebody's really thought about it
You can't reinvent the spoon or the bowl or the glass
I mean, there are certain essential parameters
that have evolved over thousands of years
but of course, you can always reinterpret those
and so, it's finding that balance between the two
where it doesn't become sort of funny shape-ism
but still feels relevant and fresh
and I think this strikes the perfect balance


Ilse Crawford in “On Design”, Episode 6

421 タグ追加 保存
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