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  • I'm very interested in the things that you use every day

    NOWNESS 提供

  • I mean, literally, if you do a list of the things you touch

    毎日使っているものに とても興味があるの

  • and use every day


  • it's so fascinating how many of them are badly designed


  • You know, we put so much attention into big buildings or fancy chairs

    言葉通り 毎日手に触れ 使っているものをリストに挙げたら

  • but in fact if you look at that list

    不細工にデザインされているものが 多いのに驚くはず

  • of the things you touch every day

    巨大な建物やおしゃれな椅子に 注意はいくけど

  • there's quite a lot of work to be done

    実際 毎日触れる物のリストに 目を向けると

  • Not here, but in the rest of that list


  • So, this glass is designed by Ingegerdman


  • Swedish glass and ceramics designer

    ここではなく そのリストの残りにね

  • It was designed in 1961

    このグラスはインゲヤード・ローマンが デザインしたもの

  • Its imperfection is a large part of its perfection

    スウェーデンの ガラス・陶器デザイナーよ

  • It's not quite straight even though it's a modern shape


  • It is exactly the right dimensions for what it needs to do

    その不完全さは その大部分の完璧さを表している

  • in terms of the width of the top and the base

    形は現代的なのに あまり直線ではない

  • Its tactility in your hand, its weight


  • the lip is gently rounded so it doesn't cut

    その用途にふさわしく 丁度良い寸法に作られている

  • You're putting it in your mouth It's a very intimate act

    手にぴったりと収まり  丁度良い重さで

  • So all of those things have been considered

    縁は唇を傷つけない やさしい丸みがある

  • and it has a softness, a care

    口に触れることは 親密な動作

  • and you know that somebody's really thought about it


  • You can't reinvent the spoon or the bowl or the glass


  • I mean, there are certain essential parameters

    誰かがそれを真剣に考えたことも わかっている

  • that have evolved over thousands of years

    スプーンやボール  グラスは再び発明できない

  • but of course, you can always reinterpret those


  • and so, it's finding that balance between the two


  • where it doesn't become sort of funny shape-ism

    もちろんそれを 新たに解釈しなおすこともできる

  • but still feels relevant and fresh


  • and I think this strikes the perfect balance


I'm very interested in the things that you use every day



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