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  • Female 1: Sexy... in the green!

  • Can you stand up...

  • [audience talking/laughing]

  • Male 1: Alright, Quin, come on.

  • Male 2: He's got that stand.

  • Female 1: Who was a communication role model

  • for you and why?

  • Quin: Well, there's a lot of people I could talk about

  • that are, uh...

  • [clears throat]

  • an idol of mine in communications,

  • but I think if I had to pick... one...out of...dozens, um...

  • I guess I would pick, uh...JFK.

  • Um...and not necessarily because of...what was said

  • or what he represented,

  • but moreover, how he could say it

  • and get you completely fired up about it.

  • And obviously, I was not alive at the time,

  • but...I often go back and look

  • at some of, even, his less-famous speeches.

  • And the way that he just tore Nixon apart on TV,

  • like, right in front of the country,

  • and did it with tact and class,

  • I think, of the things that make...that draws me to him

  • as a public-speaking idol.

  • Um...JFK did it with tact and class,

  • and that's why he's mine.

  • Female 1: Alright, thank you.

Female 1: Sexy... in the green!


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A2 初級

表題--最も偉大なコミュニケーションのロールモデル--クインラン・コンリー (Table Topic--Greatest Communication Role Model--Quinlan Conley)

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