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  • Hello friends, it's a wonderful day here at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California.

    こんにちは、今日はカリフォルニア州サンタモニカの パシフィック・オーシャン小児科で素晴らしい一日を過ごしています。

  • My name is Bob Hamilton, I'm a pediatrician. I've been doing it now for about thirty years.

    ボブ・ハミルトン 小児科医です30年ほどやっています。

  • One of the great joys I've had in life is that I've been able to care for literally thousands of newborn children.


  • One of the challenges that pediatricians have in taking care of children is trying to communicate clear and precise information to their parents,


  • a lot of times, over a baby who is crying very very loud. And I have utilized a technique that I called "The Hold" over the years,

    大声で泣いている赤ちゃんの上で 何度も繰り返します私は何年にもわたって "ザ・ホールド "と呼ばれる技術を利用してきました

  • which is very helpful in calming children and keeping them quiet.


  • So today I'd like to show you how I do that. It's a simple hold, I think you'll understand.


  • Come with me now into one of my consultation rooms, I'll show you how I do it.


  • Here we have a crying baby. And he just got a shot here so, this is Ashton.


  • And here's what we do, so we pick up Ashton. I fold his right arm like this and then his left arm in front,


  • and then very gently hold his arms like this, hold his little bottom and gently rock him up and down.


  • Just like that, and even though he just got a shot. Look at that leg, that's a big ouch on that leg there.


  • You can see that you can comfort him and quiet him. Again I'm holding with my right hand his little bottom.


  • I'm gently shaking him back and forth, we rock him up and down very gently.


  • Sometimes we stir him to the left, and we stir him to the right. And... there's our baby.

    時々左にかき回したり 右にかき回したりそして...私たちの赤ちゃんがいます

  • Here we have another little crying baby who just got a shot, and I'm gonna go ahead and pick up this little guy.


  • And again I take his left arm, his right arm I'm sorry, and put it across his body and his left arm across his body like that, I hold it.


  • Grab his little bottom, and very gently rock him up and down at a 45 degree angle.


  • You can see that he comforts pretty quickly, really this is a good baby.


  • I shake his little booty like that, I gently rock him. Everything you do is very gentle.


  • You don't want to do jerky motions ever. You hold the child with the fleshy part of your hands, not with your fingertips.


  • And again, I'm supporting his chin, he's lifting his head up here which is why you hold him at a 45 degree angle.


  • You never wanna put them like this, because they can throw their head back, and you can lose control of the baby very quickly.


  • And you can see I'm rolling my finger around his chin, and look at him! This is a content little baby.


  • He just got a shot. But he, he goes "I'm tough! Doctor Hamilton. I can do that."

    撃たれたばかりなのにでも彼は、「俺はタフだ!」と言っていた。ハミルトン先生"私なら出来る "と

  • So this is a good baby.


  • So there you have it, we've met a couple of beautiful babies and lovely mothers.


  • And to recap I'd like to go through four points.


  • Number one, you fold the arms across the chest. Number two, you secure the arms after they're folded.

    その1 腕を胸の上で折る二つめは、腕を畳んだ後、腕を固定する。

  • Number three, you gently grab the diaper area with your dominant hand.

    その3 利き手でおむつの部分をそっとつかむ

  • And then number four, at a 45 degree angle, you gently rock the baby up and down.


  • You can shake their booty, and generally by doing this the child will quiet down.


  • Finally, if your baby does not quiet down, think about two things. Maybe your baby's not feeling well? They're ill?


  • Or number two, maybe your baby is hungry.


  • Finally I find that "The Hold" is very helpful for the first two to three months of age,


  • after that your baby becomes too heavy, and it's very difficult to hold a baby at that point.


  • So hopefully this is helpful to you, thank you for your attention.


  • My best to your family.


Hello friends, it's a wonderful day here at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California.

こんにちは、今日はカリフォルニア州サンタモニカの パシフィック・オーシャン小児科で素晴らしい一日を過ごしています。

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