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  • Rated ''T'' for Teemo.

  • Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight, featuring Barry, the Ancient Worm.

  • Barry is a tanky fighter / mage hybrid worm, who lives in the Serpentine River.

  • Barry got bored of just being a neutral monster on Summoner's Rift, so he decided to join the league as a champion.

  • He excels at scaring the shit out of other players, crowd controlling groups of enemies, and dealing very significant burst damage to single targets.

  • Barry's passive is Movement of the Ancient Worm,

  • at the fifteen minute mark Barry spawns and is able to freely move around the map.

  • Rupture: Causes the ground to tremble at the target location, knocking up all enemies.

  • Targets hit are send into space.

  • Feral Scream: Barry roars, scaring the shit out of other players, making them disconnect and un-install the game.

  • Feast: Barry eats the target enemy, dealing true damage. If Feast kills the target, Barry gains one stack, after 5 stacks Barry unlocks Savage Blast,

  • Savage Blast: Barry fires the targets he had eaten before, they then detonate upon hitting an enemy champion or building.

  • Barry's ultimate is Barry's Rage,

  • After channeling for 5 seconds, everyone's screen starts trembling, Barry then knocks up all enemy champions regardless of their position on the map.

  • I spawn and start the game at the 15 minute mark, I put my first skillpoint into Feral Scream to make the enemies constantly dc when they get in range,

  • making them mad and fall behind,

  • that way I can make up for the first 15 minutes I wasn't there.

  • Barry is overpowered in almost every single possible way, making him extremely un-fun to play against,

  • Because of that, alot of players have been complaining about the current state of Barry and want him to be removed from the game..

  • But I don't really care,

  • atleast I am having fun !

  • After hearing the enemy team cry for a good 30 minutes,

  • ..and 3 of their team having left the game,

  • I get bored and decide to make an end to the game,

  • I use feast on Teemo, giving me my final stack to unlock Savage Blast.

  • and then shoot Teemo into their nexus, winning us the game.

  • Items? Masteries? Runes? It's a freaking worm, He's broken enough already.

  • Thanks for tuning into the Barry Champion Spotlight.

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Rated ''T'' for Teemo.


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