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  • Weird.

  • Ah, the one that got away, huh, son?

  • Yeah. Yeah.

  • Well, evidently you two made quite the handsome couple on the Internet.

  • Oh, I didn't see it.

  • It, uh, was brought up at a P.T.A. meeting.

  • Anyway, my point is,

  • these little sexual debacles should not get you down, because you know what?

  • It happens to the best of us. In fact,

  • the first time your mother and I... got together,

  • [Low Moan] I used a condom.

  • Well, she referred to it as "shrink wrapping."

  • [Chuckles]

  • But I got over it.

  • Anyway, keep your chin up. You keep plugging...

  • and, uh, good things will happen.

  • Good to have you home, son.

  • It's good to be home, Dad.



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アメリカン・パイ2 (2/11) Movie CLIP - The One That Got Away (2001) HD (American Pie 2 (2/11) Movie CLIP - The One That Got Away (2001) HD)

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