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  • Hey, so you guys have heard of a bucket list before right? It's basically a list of achievements or experiences that someone wants to have in their life.


  • Really common items the people have on their bucket list would be like skydiving, traveling around the world, or starting their own business.


  • So a lot of people out there have really really long bucket lists, but due to lack of opportunity, time, and resources, they don't get to check everything off.


  • Today we're gonna be talking about the six things on the FungBro bucket list that we always wanted to do.

    今日は、FungBro のバケットリストの中で、ずっとやりたかった6つのことについてお話しします。

  • And guess what? Thanks to a app called DayRe, we will be checking off one of these items off our bucket list in the next two months.

    そして聞いてください。DayRe というアプリのおかげで、今後2ヶ月の間にバケットリストの項目を1つチェックすることになりました。

  • Yeah, we're gonna do it. Actually we're gonna do it.


  • So here we go, the FungBros bucket list.

    では、これが The FungBros のバケットリストです。

  • One of the things on our bucket list is to definitely collaborate with a major shoe brand on a FungBro sneaker.

    私たちのバケットリストの1つは、FungBro のスニーカーをメジャーなシューズブランドとコラボレーションすることです。

  • And no no no no, I'm not talking about a custom colorway, I'm talking about an actual shoe that we helped design from the ground up.


  • When designing our very own sneaker David, we gotta decide what kinda style, material, and technology we want.

    自分たちのスニーカー David をデザインするには、どんなスタイル、素材、技術が欲しいかを決めなければなりません。

  • We can't forget this one last thing that a lot of people don't think about when they design something: narrative.


  • - What are we trying to say with this sneaker? - What's the message? That's what we gotta figure out here.

    ーこのスニーカーで何を伝えようとしているのか? ー何を伝えたいのか?それを理解しなければなりません。

  • And I know that we may not be world-famous athletes or rappers,


  • but you know I have been wearing sneakers for a long time so who doesn't dream of having their own?


  • - I wanna design a sneaker that expresses my style. - AirAzns.

    ー 自分のスタイルを表現するスニーカーをデザインしたいんです。 ーエアエイジーエヌズ。

  • Another thing on our bucket list would be to open up an innovative, cool restaurant.


  • I think for anybody who's a foodie or loves food, you spend a lot of time in restaurants, so it's only natural for you to wanna create your own.


  • Whether it's a dessert spot or a coffee spot or just a spot filled with your mom's recipes, who doesn't wanna share their culinary creations?


  • Like make your own doughnut with ice-cream and boba spot, or like a ramen bar. There are so many good ideas.


  • I'm getting excited thinking about it right now.


  • Hey what's going on Mike it's the FungBros, you know we love food, we're thinking about starting our own restaurant.


  • Can you give us just like the top, like few things that we need to think about?


  • You have to rethink your entire life. You wanna have a life outside of work, this is not the business to be in.


  • You have to think about handicap bathrooms, you have to think about the plumbing, you have to think about all your equipment.


  • You have to think about the grease trap, you have to think about the hood, you have to think about labor.


  • The location, the marketing, the health department, the city inspection!


  • - I think we got a few things... - You got the water bill, you got the electric bill, you got the gas bill...

    ー いくつか手に入れてると思う...。 ー水道代、電気代、ガス代...。

  • Yo, starting a restaurant has a lot more things than what we thought of. We're gonna need some help.


  • Another thing on our bucket list that we wanna do is to actually move to New York City and truly become New York.


  • And I'm not talking about being a tourist and all up in Times Square, I'm saying like I wanna embrace the city.


  • I wanna take the subway, I wanna experience Christmas in New York, I wanna even maybe work on my New York accent.


  • It's a work in process.


  • - Yo I'm looking up spots in Manhattan. - Lower east side, nice. Hey that rent's not bad for a year. That's pretty cheap.

    ーマンハッタンのスポットを探してるんだ。ー ローワー・イーストサイド、いいね。1年でその家賃は悪くないな。かなり安いね。

  • - Dude that's the price for one month without broker's fees. - Aw!

    ー おいおい......それはブローカーの手数料を除いた1ヶ月間の価格だよ。ー おお!

  • One thing that I know a lot of people have on their bucket list including myself is to get a dog. Specifically a puppy.


  • So Tim had a special request, Tim wanted to hold a puppy. He knows that he has a loving, warm body and this dog is all...


  • Alright kiss him, Tim. No I'm just kidding. Wow he opened his mouth at ya.


  • Tim is much better at handling the canine.


  • Growing up we had goldfish, turtles, hamsters, but never a dog. I'm gonna get a dog, it's not that crazy if you're born into like a dog-loving family.


  • I just think everybody needs man's best friend.


  • Look at you, you little stretchy doggie. Yo puppies are awesome man.


  • And one of the crazier things we have on our bucket list is to take a trip around the world and film an epic food music video.


  • I wanna eat injera in Ethiopia, Ceviche in Ensenada, drink coffee in Rio de Janeiro, escargot in Paris, Schnitzel in Berlin, Pirozhki in Moscow,


  • pufferfish in Tokyo, meat pies in Melbourne, poutine in Montreal, nasi bungkus in Jakarta, chai in Mumbai, and eat shawarma in Abu Dahbi.


  • All in one video! That would be crazy.


  • Alright so we start from L.A.... Seattle and then back to L.A.! Okay.

    さて、L.A.からスタートです.... シアトルからロサンゼルスに戻ります。

  • And last but not least, we want to start an Asian American pop label, you know how there's K-pop and J-pop?

    そして最後に大事なことを言い忘れましたが、私たちはアジア系アメリカ人のポップレーベルを始めたいと思っています。K-pop と J-pop がありますよね?

  • What about A-pop? Asian pop.


  • - Alright, so coming up next we got Tim Xibasan. - Right, right, listen Tim, if you're gonna be the first signee to Azn Records, you're gonna need to have three things:

    - さて、次はティム・シバさんです。- ティムさん、もしあなたが Azn Records の最初の契約者になるなら、3つのことが必要になります。

  • You're gonna need to have the talent, the look, you gonna have to have the swagger.


  • I think so, but I'll definitely try my best.


  • I can also dance too. You ready?


  • You're going to Hollywood.


  • Everybody knows that in mainstream American music, Asians are not really represented, so you know what? Our label's gonna work on that.


  • And guess what? A-pop, we're gonna bring it back.


  • So those are the top six things on the FungBro bucket list.

    以上、FungBro のバケットリストのトップ6をご紹介しました。

  • - I'm excited just even thinking about em. - Honestly a couple of those things were pretty crazy but the cool thing is,

    ー考えるだけでワクワクします。ー 正直なところ、それらのうちのいくつかはかなりクレイジーなものでしたが、クールなのは、

  • is that while working with DayRe, they're gonna help us do one of these things in the next two months.

    DayRe と協力する中で、今後2ヶ月の間にこれらのうちの1つを実行するのを手伝ってくれるということです。

  • So if you guys don't know, DayRe is a blogging app that combines the best aspects of short-form blogging with long-form blogging.

    ご存知ない方のために言うと、DayRe は、短文ブログと長文ブログの良いところを組み合わせたブログアプリです。

  • I know there's a lot of blogging apps out there but DayRe's cool because it's not too short where you can't say everything you wanna say,

    ブログアプリはたくさんありますが、DayRe は、言いたいことが全部言えないほど短すぎず、

  • and it's not too long where it becomes like an article. It's a great balance between the two.


  • So follow us on DayRe as we choose which item on our bucket list we wanna accomplish and we document our journey to do it.

    ですから DayRe で私たちをフォローしてください。バケットリストで達成したい項目を選択し、それを実行するための旅を記録します。

  • Alright, we're not known to blog that much but we will blog on DayRe, and it will be very very exciting.


  • It is going to be epic, you do not wanna miss this.


  • Alright, so download the DayRe app follow us at FungBros, and who knows, maybe this will inspire you to check off something off your bucket list.

    じゃあ DayRe アプリをダウンロードして、FungBros をフォローしてください。もしかしたら、これをきっかけにバケットリストの何かをチェックすることになるかもしれませんよ。

  • Alright you guys, thank you so much for watching, in the comment section below,


  • make sure you let us know which one of the six items on our bucket list you think that we should accomplish.


  • And until next time we're out. Peace.


Hey, so you guys have heard of a bucket list before right? It's basically a list of achievements or experiences that someone wants to have in their life.


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