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  • [ All ] Mr. Brewster ! Mr. Brewster !

  • Mr. Brewster ! Mr. Brewster ! Mr. Brewster !

  • Could you please give us your reasons for your sudden and unexpected candidacy ?

  • I figure voting for Salvino or Heller is just as silly as them running for office.

  • Which is just as silly as me running. Only thing not silly is the power of the people's vote.

  • And I think the people should use it to vote for...

  • ## [ Fanfare ]

  • - none of the above ! - [ All Clamoring ]

  • Brewster, are we to understand that you actually don't want anyone to vote for you ?

  • What I'm saying is I think only an idiot would vote for me. [ Laughter ]

  • Mr. Brewster, have you taken positions on any of the issues facing the city--

  • sanitation, union corruption--

  • Let's get to the bottom line. I'm here to buy your votes.

  • Mr. Brewster, with only ten days left before the election,

  • how do you expect to find that kind of support for that position ?

  • I don't expect to get support. In fact, I'm asking people not to send money into my candidacy.

  • People should keep their money. They're gonna need it after this election.

[ All ] Mr. Brewster ! Mr. Brewster !


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ブリュースターズ・ミリオンズ(10/13)ムービー・クリップ - ノーン・オブ・ザ・オーバー(1985)HD (Brewster's Millions (10/13) Movie CLIP - None of the Above (1985) HD)

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