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Tit (Mud)
Chol (Sand)
Maim (Water)
Teven (Straw)
Maher yoter! (Faster!)
Chomer, be merets (Material, vigor)
Chol, mishchu (Sand, pull up)
Maim, le'mala (Water, up)
Kash (Straw)
Maher yoter! (Faster!)
K'she ha'shot shuv matslif al ktefeinu (When the whip, whips again on our shoulders)
Ha ze'a melucha al mitscheinu (The salty sweat is on our foreheads)
Elohim, ha-tishma shav'atenu ha'raba? (God, will you hear our very desperate help call?)
Hatig'al sivloteinu? (Will You redeem us from our suffering?)
Hoshiana (Deliver us)
Kolenu shma, hoshiana (Hear our voice, deliver us)
Elohim, otcha nizkor be'eretz yam 'im chol (God, we will remember you, in the land of sea and sand)
Le'kolcha nise, leylot yachlefu ad she (To your voice we'll pay attention, nights will pass until)
Tavi'enu le'eretz ha'avot (You will bring us to the land of our fathers)
Yaldi hatov veh harach (My good and tender son)
Al tira veh al tifchad (Don't be afraid and don't be scared)
Yaldi, zot mimeni tekabel (My child, this is what you'll get from me)
Rak siku'i lehinatsel (The chance of being saved)
La'el shuv etpalel (I'll pray to God again)
Oh Eli, hoshiana! (Oh my God, deliver us!)
Zo tfila (That's a pray)
Hosiana (Deliver us)
Lim'tzula shesham nachmok meol kashe minso (To the breach that we'll sneak to from an unbearable burden)
Hosiana (Deliver us)
Lanu eretz huvetcha (A land was promised to us)
Hotsienu-na me'ha chashecha (Please get us out of the darkness)
Hoshiana el a'eretz a'tova la'aretz she'lanu huvtecha (To the land that was promised to us)
Al na tivke (Don't you cry)
Heradem bimnucha (Sleep in peace)
Hakshev le'ivshat ha'galim (Listen to the waves's whisper)
Otcha mardima be'shir eres imcha (Your mother put you to sleep with a lullaby)
Itcha eheye le'olamim (I will be with you forever)
Mei ha nahar she be'nachat kolchim (The river's water that flows gently)
Shimru al otsar ko mushlam (Save this precious treasure)
Im timtseu eize chof mivtahim (If you will find some safe shore)
Oto-na haviu lesham (Please, carry him there)
Ach ko yakar li (My dearest brother)
Shlomcha etpalel (I'll pray for your well being)
Zehor gam oti ba chalom (Remember me in your dream)
Aval k'she tigdal ve tiye ha'go'el (But when you'll grow up and be a savior)
Lanu tavi rak shalom (You'll bring peace upon us)
Bo, Ra'amses (Come, Rameses
Nar'e le'Paro et achicha ha'chadash (We'll show pharaoh your new baby brother)
Moshe (Moses)
Hoshiana, slach ro'e sheyar'e lanu (Deliver us, send a shepard that)
Et ha'derech el erets ha'avot (Will make us see the way to the Fatherland)
Tavi'enu le'eretz ha'avot (You will bring us to the land of our fathers)
Hoshiana! (Deliver us!)


The Prince Of Egypt - Deliver Us Hebrew HQ (S + T)

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