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  • Mirror, mirror on the wall,

  • who is the most powerful of them all?

  • If it's a fairytale you were hoping for,

  • prepare yourself for so much more.

  • You will train.

  • You will harden.

  • You will become my Huntsmen.

  • The mirror's power

  • is the ultimate prize

  • in a war fought

  • by two mighty sides.

  • Whoever gets the mirror will be unstoppable.

  • A pair in love

  • defy a wicked queen

  • with twice the power

  • this world has ever seen.

  • We have much to do, little sister.

  • Men have forgotten what it means to be afraid.

  • We will bring fear.

  • Good choice.

  • - Don't miss. - I never miss.

  • Hello, Huntsman.

  • I've missed you.

  • What are you gonna do? Take on two evil sisters and their entire army?

  • Aye, pretty much.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,


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ハンツマン冬の戦争』公式予告編 (HD) (The Huntsman: Winter's War - Official Trailer (HD))

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