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  • Think about that road you drove on today.

  • You don't have to maintain and build that yourself.

  • It's there when you need it.

  • That's kind of how the cloud works.

  • The cloud, or cloud computing, is about you using bits and pieces of computers just like

  • this all over the world, but without having to own them and operate them in your own home.

  • You get to store your family photos, binge watch your favorite TV show, maybe even order

  • some new shoes, all without having to have this stuff running in your house.

  • Companies of all sizes like to leverage the cloud so that they can focus on their core

  • business and not have to maintain computers like this.

  • What they really like is the agility it gives them to adjust the computing demands based

  • on what's going on in their business today.

  • Think about a florist, for instance.

  • Those two weeks leading up to Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, they really need to

  • beef up their ability to do order processing.

  • The rest of the year, they don't need that and they certainly don't want to pay for it.

  • So, what does the florist do instead?

  • They leverage the cloud to put their compute needs out in a data center.

  • They've got room in their cooler now for that box of roses you just ordered instead of hosting

  • another server.

  • Why can we do this now when we couldn't do it 10 or 20 years ago?

  • It's because of high speed networks and the fact that we're all on the Internet.

  • You used to have to be right next to a computer for it to be usable and now, distance doesn't

  • matter.

  • Here's another thing to think about.

  • You ever play the cloud watching game?

  • You know, "I see a tree."

  • "No, over there, it's a bear!"

  • Everybody sees something a little bit different, don't they?

  • The nice thing about the cloud is, it's really whatever you need at any given time.

  • So how will you use the cloud next?

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TECH+知識+Y:クラウドとは? (TECH+knowledge+Y: What is the cloud?)

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